Maison Matine – An Inspired Trio

“Our graphic, responsible and generous fragrances are created by a new generation of committed French perfumers…Free & cheeky, we address a generation in search of independence and creativity. Looking for meaning, all our products are limited edition & embody a world in motion…Creators, rebels, nomads, lazy, curious, slashers,feel the world around you & express your attitude! ”

HOUSE: Maison Matine
ORIGIN: France
FRAGRANCES: Avant l’Orage, Into The Wild, Warni Warni
SIZE/COST: 50ml / $67
THANKS: Maison Duquesne

Avant l’Orage (Philippine Courtière, 87%): This perfume has a gilded edge to it. It’s some metamorphic collision between precious metals and soft jasmine petals. Hard and soft. Infused with a doubly distinctive tonka/vanilla combo, the woody trail lingers for hours in this sophisticated fragrance with its heavenly peppery veil of musk. Delivering on its promising notes, each and every one, it’s hard to imagine a situation where this perfume may not seem to be gracefully fitting. It’s cool, calm and collected – yet on the right skin may reflect a more sensual dimension. This will most definitely appeal to those who love new directions into where the dazzling note of vanilla can travel. It’s rare for me to be captivated by a jasmine-forward fragrance, and this ultramodern work breaks my glass ceiling.

Notes: pink pepper, jasmine sambac, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, tonka bean

Into The Wild (Adilson Rato, 90%): At first this seems subtle, but come again. I’m tickled by the lemony spiced berry inflections (sans citrus). The waft of lacy ginger and especially cardamom is so light, though it fans out widely and starts to swirl around the vortex of your nasal passages in an exotic dance. The florals are where that citrus accord is emanating from (likely the frangipani). I get just the right fringe of southern borders in a beachy tropical fantasy that starts to emerge in the heart. Oh, this is absolutely perfect for Summertime. Though this has no baby oil, I am getting all those shoreline feels, the bodies on soft sand glistening in the sun. As this begins to ease and quiet, and it takes a nice long while to do so on your skin, you end up with a buttery slather with a hint of earthy sweetness. A cellular level delicacy. Oh, and please note, to take a second glance at the absolutely stunning bottle designs for the entire collection – fun, quirky and engaging!

Notes: cardamom, juniper berries, pepper, ginger, magnolia, frangipani, chocolat

Warni Warni (Elise Benat, 81%): This perfume is a curvy bouquet of freesia with a breathy infusion of mixed and dried tea leaves. It’s sweet, for sure, heady, oh yeah, commanding attention with a trembling softness. For those put off by overbearing florals, don’t be fooled by the initial blast, as that is only a bit of a bright spotlight. But once the show begins, this churns away into a plume of a rather sanguine and mysterious origin. The aura dispersed is rather luminous of flower and spice. It’s most definitely too strong for my disposition, however it’s got an atypical soapiness that appeals — that sort of satin glazed layer that glides from end to end. Still, you have to appreciate the fruity emissions of freesia to dig deeper. This is by and large non-linear, and those who want to have the equivalent of a surround-sound of garden delights will revel in this ambrosial perfume.

Notes: tea, cardamom, freesia, orange blossom, cedar, coumarin, musk

Recommended Soundtrack:
The Waitresses, Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? (1982, Polydor)


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