Scented Snapshots from Ulrich Lang

“Inspired by fine photography, you’ll find intoxicating niche scents that will enhance or reflect your own unique character. Ulrich Lang New York’s luxurious fragrances take you on a journey of discovery — where eccentric creativity meets refinement and style, and opulence can be worn casually.…”

HOUSE: Ulrich Lang
FRAGRANCE: Aperture, Lethe
SIZE/COST: 100ml / $135 (Aperture available via Smallflower)

Aperture (EDP, 2014, 88%): This reminds me of so many things all at once…pencil shavings, tweets of pelt-like animalics, and my Grandmother on special occasions, her perfumed overcoat in particular. The collaboration with Aperture, a longstanding non-profit publisher, one of the most focal (pun-intended) photographic organizations in history. The fragrance looks back to certain traditions but is very much in the now (even though it’s officially seven years young). I get the mixed peppery spice atop an aldehydic curve that plays on the grayscale in all its glory. This doesn’t need to grow on me as I am well versed in the art of the image, and the scent is comforting, familiar. This would most certainly appeal to wildlife photographers, especially those who are adventurous in capturing woodland creatures, and even underwater marine life. Playing on the flat image, this work certainly helps deliver a more dimensional silhouette, a figure, somewhat captured in sunset like that of a vacant shape. The perfume fills the gap with a warm musk that is as comforting as it is conceptual. The woody hues move into this mellow space that is like an endless horizon line. Artful and calibrated! Photographer: Olivia Bee

Notes: aldehydes, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper, tobacco, jasmine, cedarwood, lily of the valley, musk, vetiver, ambergris, animalic notes, amber

Lethe (EDT, 2021, 86%): Opening like a fougere with intonations of lavender and bergamot, this rolls into a bed of the finest wood shavings drenched in a vanilla chaser. Soft and sweet there’s a shy sensuality that caresses the dermal layer of my skin. Whispering woods undulate on air. And then upon noting the breakdown I see, for the first time to reach my passages via perfume, water lily. And all I can do is nod and grin. This has the ease of one of Monet’s finest masterpieces. This is a hazy daydream dappled in pastels and cotton, so soft to the touch of skin, this fragrance is a perfect eau de toilette, fashioned to offer just the right amount of contact, a gentle graze, a passing waft. It’s silken and quixotic. This is not for those looking for those so-called ‘beast’ perfumes. No ma’am. Instead, like the wavy human curvatures as seen in the outer box, this is poised and voluptuous. Photographer: Lukasz Wierzbowski

Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Cedar Wood, Water Lily, Cashmere Wood, Musk, Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Recommended Soundtrack:
Charles Uzzell-EdwardsOctopus 4 (2021, Carpe Sonum)


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