Nadia Z Duo

KEEP IT NATURAL: “Nadia Zuodar is a world citizen born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1976, a physicist, a social entrepreneur, an international development expert with a humanist and artistic soul. She is the mind and heart behind NadiaZ and the brand Perfume Creator and Formulator, sharing her love for Nature and Plants transmitted by her agronomist Italian father with a taste for refinement, precious oriental scents and skin care rituals inherited from her Tunisian grandmother.”

HOUSE: Nadia Z
ORIGIN: Switzerland
FRAGRANCE: Omumgorwa Walnut (Day) + Camino De Azahar Oro
NOSE: Nadia Zuodar

Omumgorwa Walnut (Day): At first its a bit like a floral whiskey, but like all good things, let it breathe….This may be one of my favorites from the house it’s light on the surface with rich and dark undertones. You get the South Asian incense, though it comes off like a heavenly cider rather than too smoky. It’s decidedly Middle Eastern meets African in tone, with a sweetened coffee quality which harnesses the everyday – which, by and large, this is not. In fact what you may start to perceive is a creamy tropical fruit that offers a charming glow. I get pumpkin and spice – but not ‘pumpkin spice’ (thank goodness). This seems savory and sweet without at all becoming a gourmand nor with that trite holiday feel. It’s really warm and unique. To me this delivers something of the caliber of a sacred anointing elixir that emits its sweet nothings until its last breath. (90%)

Notes: Omumgorwa, Namibian Omumbiri resins, Lily, Ambrette (Hibiscus), Champaca, Moka, Sapote, Coffee, Arabian Spices

Camino De Azahar Oro (Homme): While opening the vial the top cracked however I did not let a drop spill, except to my skin, and good catch I must say given this perfumes earthly qualities for good. Let’s just say I’ve almost literally opened a proverbial can of worms. While this, just like Omumgorwa Walnut brings that sweet quality infused with Indian and African spice and incense, here we get something even more complex. For starters, the floral notes here seem like they come from a deep tropical rainforest, there’s a heaviness, a dew, variegated shade. And all of this has this dazzling glaze of honey dripping on down in surround. Fruits, nuts, shrooms, they are all amidst the sonorous base of thick resins. I try not to use the word ‘exotic’ too much as it seems to have certain inferences, but I cannot help myself with this one, it is capital E exotic! It’s the olfactory equivalent of an architectural dig where through the heavy soot and dust an ancestral village has been uncovered for the first time in a millenia. What I really can appreciate about the composition is its overall spectrum, it’s like a forest of resonant greens and ochres in a multitude of shades and shadows, but it never gets murky or blurred. This is a cornucopia of territorial delights. (88%)

Notes: Orange Blossom (Neroli), Lily, Champaca, Ylang Ylang, Namibian Omumbiri, Omumgorwa resins, African Yangu, Cape Verbena (Lippia Jivanica), Honey, Vanilla, Amazonian tropical fruits and nuts, Andiroba, Sapote, Wild Mushrooms, Precious Woods

Recommended Soundtrack:
FluxionVibrant Forms III (2016)

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