Day In / Day Out

The NŌSE perfumes brand returns to the phenomenon of the “Russian spirit” and reinterprets the story of the fragrances that tell about the country themselves. Coniferous forests and grassy meadows, burning frosts and warming furs, summer gardens and May thunderstorms – in each bottle there is a small history of the country, which many know about, but can never solve it to the end..I was always surprised that there was almost no perfume on the toilet shelf of my grandmother and mother, despite the fact that the creator of the world’s most famous fragrance, Chanel No. 5, was Ernest Beaux – a perfumer from Russia. Soviet times abruptly cut off the development of perfume industry, so I had the idea to come up with a new history of Russian perfumes. I don’t want to create perfumes on the wave of fashion, I want to create perfumes that tell about something real and familiar to Russian people.….”

ORIGIN: Russia
FRAGRANCES: Day Off, Have A Nice Day
NOSE: Timur Solodov
YEAR: 2018
SIZE/COST: 10-33ml / $34-102

Day Off: A floral incense this way floweth. Day Off is sweet yet with a slash of pepper which tunes the overall breadth of this perfume to a modest sheen. Full of dewy flower petals propped against a heavily draped velveteen backdrop this is nothing short of candy clouds bursting in air. The earthy roundedness with its ranging, heady blooms makes for an insurgent sensory disruption. Expect the unexpected with this one. I want to say the attentive composition is shaped like a mature vintage, but I must resist as it only steals a moment in time from the nostalgia of the past in order to modernize what I must refer to as an atypical garland of tenacious tuberose. Altogether the accord has this luscious blush, like that of a ripe plum dripping in honey and then doused in powdered sugar. It’s soft and strong, a rare bouquet. (87%)

Notes: Tuberose absolute, Black pepper, Virginia cedar, Frankincense, Ambergris, Oakmoss

Have A Nice Day: Oh, this is a moody one, deeply so. Leather and rose come together, soft surfaces and deep intensity without being overly forward. It almost gives off a dark cherry accord floating in ale. There too is this cooling sensation, a bit mentholated, like an arctic blast. This is a forest of ghosts in deep winter, an elixir for the nerves. While the most enigmatic of roses drives this, it is really the sometimes herbaceous, sometimes spice-laden road to nowhere that guides you. This has a sense of flotation and yet in its own way is an offering to the gods and goddesses, non-denominational of course. If you are looking to something mystical and a bit esoteric then allow yourself to stumble and tumble with this dramatic perfume that holds its cards really close to its chest. (86%)

Notes: Indian rose absolute, Moroccan rose absolute, White grapefruit, Myrrh, Ylang-ylang, Saffron, Clary sage, Juniper Berry, Benzoin, Vetiver, Patchouli, Leather, Sandalwood

Recommended Soundtrack:
Lawrence English’s Calm, 2001

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