Seraglio Two Ways

Stretching Oud in Mysterious Directions: “The Seraglio Oud fragrance collection are Fresh Spicy and Fresh Floral Oud creations. Made with the highest quality ingredients and a base of 100% pure natural Oud oil. The bottles are handmade with unique ‘Rosso Levanto’ Marble and Brass plaque. An Orchid Oud fragrance (Seraglio), with rare florals and precious Oud. A Vetiver Oud fragrance (Seraglio Noir) with fresh spices, rare florals and precious Oud.…”

HOUSE: Levent
ORIGIN: The Netherlands
FRAGRANCE: Seraglio + Seraglio Noir
NOSE: Levent Gündüz
CONCENTRATION: Extrait De Parfum
SIZE/COST: 60ml / $292

Seraglio (84%): What do you get when you combine orchids and oud? A fusion that is so unique, and even slightly animalic. This set of perfumes signifies a palace setting, something royal, the finest of gilded architecture with all the frills. The warm spices penetrate into the room as the blooms offer a swelling reprise. This is one of those rare perfumes that presents all the classic appeal one might expect from something packaged so beautifully. Honestly, I was floored by the shiny, embossed ebony cabinet, one similar to the delivery device for the finest gemstone necklaces. The bottle itself is set in a frosted glass with marble and brass ornamentation, complete with one of those old-fashioned squeeze atomizer pumps. It’s something else, as the rich reddish-orange liquid attests. To me this is one of those fragrances set aside for all your most special dressy occasions to come. The fragrant bouquet, its sillage, it is as aromatic as a wondrous arboretum replete with colorful stems and winding white floral vines. This has a wild side that purrs rather than roars – but it still has a large presence that will last for several hours. For me this tilts just slightly toward the feminine (I hope you don’t mind me saying so). The reason being, I could imagine my grandmother and her before, wearing this, as soon as I could imagine my sister or great niece at some point in the future. In the dry down its as though you have decanted an endless vintage that speaks volumes. The perfume has an unexplained, assured sense of wisdom, of maturity, of timelessness.

Notes: white florals, orchids, oud, amber, spices, woods

Seraglio Noir (91%): Given that the nose behind these fragrances is also a classically trained opera singer, one might imagine wearing either to such a momentous curtain call where the level of musicality is often presented in its most exhuberant form. This attar absolute is what I would call pure luxury. You get everything from Seraglio, save the orchids, but here the thinly shaved woody hues and green components stand out more clearly, with a certain velocity. The vetiver, being a key component, plus something that is helping to add a drizzle of honey. The pop of verdant greenness twists and encircles the refined oud in such a way that delivers something quite contemporary, unique. This has a dark side, yet it’s also fresh and a bit bold. These lithe elements, when combined really make for an exceptional fragrance. Over this past year I’ve grown quite fond of the note of geranium, funny how I never really stopped to smell these varied simple flowers, but I can assure you that I will think twice in the future, as the aroma they offer is anything but common. Tilting toward something a bit virile, athletic, dignified, this will stand out in a crowded room. Maybe its the leaf and the bark, in combination that is creating a near hallucinatory effect, but I’m here for it. A singular fragrance that is as stylish as it is an acquired taste, and the latter is the way in which the wearer carries it through. “Shine on you crazy diamond!”

Notes: vetiver, oud, spices, geranium, rare florals, woods

Recommended Soundtrack:
David BowieBlackstar (2016, ISO)


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