Four from Fløre

Sensual olfactory stories with a unique and ever changing collection of luxury artisan natural perfume, plant potions, candle and alchemically distilled essences. Intricately wild crafted and formulated on Vancouver Island using old world perfume techniques including distillation, tinctures, infusions, & enfleurage. Hand blended in small batches with both locally sustainable gathered ingredients & ethically sourced rare oils from around the world.”

HOUSE: Fløre Botanical Alchemy
ORIGIN: Canada
NOSE: Stacey Moore
FRAGRANCE: Coeur du Bois, Flores Island, Sacred, Wabi-Sabi
CONCENTRATION: EDP + Natural Parfum Oil

Coeur du Bois: A deep dive into botanical pleasures here. Catch the drift of citrus through the evergreens, with a soft marine-like wash. Mixed fruits and flowers help to balance a many splendored thing. It’s bright and shadowy at the same time. From the heart onward the perfume is anchored by a certain husky resinous that seems the nucleus of the fragrance. It seems, in moments, as if I am having these time capsule flashes of the deep past, long before I was even an embryo. The mysticism of the forest blended with fragmented sunlight makes for a quizzical scent that will keep you falling, falling, into its alchemical spell. (80%)

Notes: yuzu, grapefruit peel, immortelle, alpine pinon pine, ylang ylang, tuberose, jasmine, clary sage, black currant, blood cedar wood, juniper heartwood, guaiacwood, French hay, sandalwood, labdanum, tobacco leaf, botanical leather accord, antique grey ambergris

Flores Island: I get this rose mist, almost like sea spray at first. It’s fresh and warm and welcoming with the softest hint of citrus. In the distance there is this moody oud at the base, it’s subtle at first, like a mysterious stranger, a future tryst with the thorny stem. I’ve never been on a tropical desert island, well, not until now! There is something like seaweed and smoke, gliding and twisting on las brisas. It sparkles and dazzles. If you appreciate a rose oud, especially one that takes its time to build a courtship, you will fall in love with Flores Island. (88%)

Notes: wild orange, bergamot, cardamom, rose, sea salt, cypress leaves, smoked seashells, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, coconut pulp, musk/botanical, ambergris, oud

Sacred: This is lighter than the others in formulation, in texture and composition. It’s light and shadow, with glimmers of warming citrus like accords mixed with yellow rose petals. The perfume glows and pulses. When I looked at the breakdown I assumed this would be thick with a heavy incense of rose, but it’s lighter than air, quite intimate in fact. Though it’s one of those time-releasing works of perfumery that slowly churns into a thick, semisweet honeyed resin with a thinly coated array of delicate fronds. The aromatic plumage, the rose seems to suddenly bloom like one of those time-lapse videos between the heart and dry down. Once it does there’s no going back, offering this sun drenched escape. (83%)

Notes: coriander, lemongrass, bee balm, Bulgarian rose, rose otto, rose absolute, rose geranium, elemi, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, honey absolute, hyreceum, labdanum

Wabi-Sabi: From the start I get a fresh crisp of apple even though there is none in the notes. It’s this accord, like the umami coming from the Japanese combo of yuzu, shiso leaves and spices. It’s delicate yet sly, upbeat and rich with infused flora. You definitely experience the blush of peachy-ness, and it is dimensional evolving into a tea-steeped swirl. Of all of these fragrances, this is the most realistic, and contemporary. The woody musk is nearly translucent as this warms in its latter stages. If you are looking for a perfume to wear anywhere, that will keep the moody spirited, this is the best of this small selection to my passages. An inspired perfume that is touched from the ground up to its tallest limbs. Gorgeous. (90%)

Notes: yuzu, shiso, bergamot, pink pepper, hinoki, osmanthus, magnolia, geranium, jasmine, mimosa, apricot, green tea, hay, sandalwood, oud, botanical musk

Recommended Soundtrack:
Taylor DeupreeNorthern (2006, 12K)


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