Beaufort by 4

BeauFort London is a line of fragrances inspired by elements of British history, both real and imagined. With scents that are heavily influenced by stories of the sea, trade, and war. Guided by a preoccupation with the darker elements of British history, BeauFort London works with accomplished perfumers to create fragrances that are bold and driven by curiosity...”

HOUSE: Beaufort
FRAGRANCE: Coeur De Noir, Fathom V, Terror & Magnificence, Vi Et Armis
SIZE/COST: 50ml / $150
SOURCE: Impossible-Color

Coeur De Noir: What a sense of genuine presence! This comes on like a sudden thick fog on an otherwise sunny day moving from the coastline inland. As you move from this breathtaking vista into a deep shrouded forest of rich resins and a leathery flair it’s almost as though you are one foot in the long past and one into an even more technological future – think steampunk, full-tilt and full-stop. It’s a well-rounded potion, one that seems like flipping the pages of doctor gadget in a broken in Eames chaise, surrounded by archived bottles of scotch whiskey, vintage suitcases, brass knobs, and old catalogued volumes, leather-bound in papyrus. There too is this inviting, smoky cedar blended into a cyclical expiration of warming vanilla. The booziness drifts and looms, and the atmosphere is dusty dry. In my world this is a new plateau. (2015, 88%)

Nose: Leo Crabtree
Notes: rum, ginger, ink, paper, leather, vanilla, cedar, tobacco, birch tar

Fathom V: A green grassy heart in the meadowlands, this fragrance brings a distinctive waft of wildflowers in its earthy presentation. It’s light and dry – yet profound in depth. The whole composition seems to lay in this lower register which communes with the earth below. The flowers seem tiny with a voice thrice their scale, yet they seem to be only intermittent, capitulating to the more verdant leaves and mosses the wearer will be surrounded by. I get an incredible depth of field in terms of the dimensions of this incredible perfume. I get freshly cut stems, the ooze and release of chlorophyll, the softest caress of jasmine, and a swirling drift of stuttering spices that hover amid the corners of this composition. Stylish and beguiling. (2016, 89%)

Nose: Julie Dunkley, Julie Marlowe
Notes: juniper berries, tangerine, black currant, green notes, soil tincture, thyme, lily, jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, cumin, black pepper, mimosa, patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss, salt, incense, atlas cedar, amber

Terror & Magnificence: It was almost like waking up to a fresh dark roast, like a whoosh of energized mornings of the past all combined. But it’s just an illusion, an accord made of spice and minerals. This could easily become my personal signature scent, and I do not say that lightly. Wow. This takes woody/spicy to a new realm, one that takes full advantage of the stimulating source of resins and incense. This starts off lively but quickly moves into this ethereal gray area that can be read as powdery and/or early enigmatic, depending. For me it’s all of the above wrapped in cashmere. And I must commend the house for finding such a jazzy way of making a complex blend make sense. This is surely by way of their intcredible sourcing of the finest bark and branch to burnish and burn into the tourbillion of sensual oblivion. (2019, 95%)

Nose: Pia Long
Notes: saffron, black pepper, birch tar, incense, tobacco, papyrus, myrrh, benzoin, labdanum, Haitian vetiver, pebbles

Vi Et Armis: The oddest takes up the caboose in this spotlight. A strange essence takes flight, it reminds me of the plume from a hash hall in Amsterdam many moons ago, like burning tea leaves and the ash is now a sweet dust in the wind. It’s a bit of a mirage, really. Is it a deep cauldron of spiced hard cider? As I contemplate the peculiarities I begin to ease into its greener side, and I begin to sense a cleaner smoke snaking in my direction, its a form of agarwood though it’s finely woven into the composition that it’s a bit hard to decipher due to the more intoxicating effects of this elusive fragrance. By far the most acquired taste in this short survey it’s like being on the tail end of some type of psychedelic trip, the morning after experiencing the wheat of pancakes and the smolder of rich maple syrup for the first time, delighting in the resinous amber of it all, within the deepest green screen dream, slowly dispersing into a REM state of mind. If you dare…. (2015, 85%)

Nose: Julie Dunkley, Julie Marlowe
Notes: cardamom, black pepper, tea leaf, whisky, incense, opium, tobacco, birch tar, oud

Recommended Soundtrack:
Pete Namlook (+ Various) – The Ambient Gardener (2012)


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