Artisan Parfums Trio

(Ixchel Leigh) weaves together the modern science of scent with wisdoms of the ancients both in her writing and her transformational scents. She uses her gifts to create unique botanical healing perfumes that support an individual’s dreams, goals and desires….Our products are made with the finest, exotic raw materials and therapeutic grade essential oils from around the world, known for their medicinal therapeutic properties.100% Vegan, and Cruelty Free, WildCrafted, Organic, and Biodynamic (when available), Gemstone-Infused for Healing and Wellness.”

HOUSE: Artisan Parfums
FRAGRANCE: Brilliant, Mystique, Passion
SIZE/COST: 5-100ml / $32-650

Brilliant: The bittersweet bite of a deep orange pekoe, dried and bright, coming alive via the orange oil and a delusionally sumptuous swirl of patchouli. This is a beguiling aromatic fragrance that will some rock into your world. The tones shift like a slight chill on the breeze. Sheer, sensual, a citrus sensation. It’s a lip smacking perfume of the senses. Spice your life up right. (88%)

Notes: Organic Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli

Mystique: This has a citrusy peel and an exotic feel, I had to step back to understand it better. It’s not as zesty and bright as Brilliant, though it brings the suspense. With its nutty darker tone its half sweet and a tad spice-driven with the slightest apricot accord. Funny though, it starts off darker and seems to take flight after ten minutes or so, starts to drift, separate and add in this infusion of airiness, not featherweight, but a whispering wind let’s say. I get cocoa and momentary lapses of tobacco and dried fruit dust. It’s all such a strange elixir. Even with these trails the fragrance stays lively with a breathy greens that is understated and wild. Simply intoxicating, one of my favorites from the house, like ever. (90%)

Notes: Organic Makrut Lime, Red Mandarin, Lavender, Rhododendron, Vetiver, Cognac, Tobacco

Passion: Again, this has the lilt of citrus, but much warmer than the previous two. In fact it seems bare, balmy, almost humid. Of these selections this fragrance is the most tactile and body positive conscious, so personal. It’s like a kiss of orange-rose which I always have found to be an underused combo in perfume in a forward way. Oh, it’s not forward here, but it’s present (with a capital P). This is a skin scent through and through. A subtle, sensitive work that clings and absorbs into the wearer’s skin psyche. It’s fragrantly heady, but in a distant way, dangling in the distance like a willow in the wind. With it’s hint of cacao bean and a velvet depthlessness it’s a time-released aphrodisiac that disappears into the ether of the senses. (85%)

Notes: Organic Melissa, Bergamot, Rose Otto, Cardamom, Lotus, Chocolate

Recommended Soundtrack: Weird as it may sound disjointed, but I made a podcast that seems to connect while wearing this collection. I realize it’s a bit more topical than the actual perfume itself, it just meshes so well in my personal consciousness, I hope it does yours.

Introducing: Ghosted Dancehall: Toneshift’s Guilty Pleasures, Pt II


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