Sucreabeille to the 3rd Power

Assbutt: “Feeling a little toasted, marshmallow? When you’re on a road trip, always remember to be polite. Angels have a way of reminding us of our manners, so keep in mind: Possessed or not, you’re not Molotov proof!” Venom: “it’s more than just a mediocre Tom Hardy superhero movie; it’s also a deadly toxin that can easily kill someone. Those toxins can also be used to treat diseases (or wrinkles, if you’re into that kind of thing). That’s what makes it so fun: maybe it’ll kill you, maybe it’ll help you. You’ll never know until you try.” Wood Rose: “Chapter 7: Ellie sighed dramatically, rolling her eyes at her mother, Alice, who was relating for the thousandth time the odd stories of her childhood. It all sounded like a bunch of fairy tale nonsense to her; absolutely impossible and far-too-conveniently wrapped up, with so many fantastical elements Alice might be on drugs at this very moment. Alice saw her daughter’s eye roll, and pointed a french fry in Ellie’s face…”

FragranceAssbutt, Venom, Wood Rose
NoseAndrea Fender
Season/MoodDial Up Some Vivaldi
Size/CostCheck link for all available sizes/prices
SoundtrackPalm Sugar Candy by Oren Ambarchi, 2019
Rating70%, 86%, 81%


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