Tom Ford – A Duo In The Woods

Costa Azzurra Acqua is a fresher expression of Costa Azzurra. It merges cool air and refreshing waters as one.”… “Impulsive, debonair, extravagant. Fougere Platine inhabits the exhibitionist and his most brilliant, mischievous, indulgent, and infinitely exhilarating. Opulent doses of refreshing woods magnetize you like the shining gleam of platinum, or a devilish grin replaying the night before.”

HOUSE: Tom Ford
ORIGIN: USA/International
FRAGRANCE: Costa Azzurra Acqua, Fougère Platine
SIZE/COST: 50-100ml / $105-240

Costa Azzurra Acqua (Yann Vasnier, 2019, 86%): So fresh and assured, its like a billowingly soft air upon which silk scarves are unfurling with the most graceful gesture. For me this falls smack dab between something rather summery, marine-like and something altogether communing with the innermost resinous of evergreen forests. It’s a really tough line to walk or cross, but Tom Ford seems to do it with ease and in stride. This was my very first chance to review these two fragrances, and I can assure you will be thrilled with its sillage and figurative wavelength. Full gender fluid, this dances in the den of amber and light lemony incense, a touch like citronella. It reminds me of the Pacific Northwest where there are many cragged forest passageways that lead to the rocky oceanside. It’s definitely got a sweetness, and is bold without being brash. Wear this, and even while naked you will be in style.

Notes: Juniper Berries, Lemon, Myrtle, Cypress, Pine Tree Needles, Mastic, Lentisque, Amber, Labdanum

Fougère Platine (Olivier Gillotin + Linda Song , 2018, 91%): At first I loved a good fougere, these days it takes a lot to wow me in this realm as classifications go, you smelled one, you may have thought you have smelled ‘em all. Well, not is the case here, not at all. This fragrance is oozing, dripping in terpene accords, and rich woody resins. What makes this so ‘new’ is its incorporation of honey and tobacco into the traditional, expected formula – for something that’s smoky and sensual, on the prowl. It’s got a green bitter side that’s playing hide n’ seek, and yet what stands out most to me is the olibanum, truly one of my favorite notes in perfumery, always has been, always will be – I never tire of this ancient wonder. This fragrance could easily become addictive as it flips the switch on the form and function of fougere. My sample is not going to get me past the weekend, let alone the week. I’m sending out a siren song to the perfume goddesses that I may again in some form receive more of this reflective, sensuous potion for my archive! Highly recommended for the lovers of all things that exhale woodsiness.

Notes: Clary Sage, Lavender, Basil, Bergamot, Artemisia, Olibanum, Honey, Spanish Labdanum, Tobacco, Woody Notes, Cedar

Recommended Soundtrack:
OophoiI Hear The Woods Whispering (2013, Databloem)


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