In Full Bloom with Smallflower feat. Diptyque

Returning are our friends from Apothecary (Dana and Grace Ann) to help us with this second in a three-month long miniseries focused on one house monthly. This time around our exploration into the Paris-based house Diptyque for the very first time. Founded in 1961 Diptyque has been described as “a pioneering parfumerie Maison, a... Continue Reading →

Blue Velvet, Deux

BLUE ON BLUE: "The scent is aquatic-fresh…Perfume.Sucks is a niche brand from Switzerland founded in 2017. "We don’t make perfumes, perfumes suck! We create scents: sprayable alcoholic solutions made from raw materials that smell great when combined. We don’t believe in fancy packaging or deceiving marketing. Instead, we write the ingredients right on the bottle... Continue Reading →

Mild Masculine Muskiness

“A perfume like a heady sobriety. Ten years after commencing Haute Couture, French couturier, Marc-Antoine Barrois is launching his first perfume: B683. Building on the timeless and charismatic elegance of his mentors, with this perfume he reveals his most beautiful souvenirs as well as his world of contemporary designs. Ultimately, B683 is an invitation to... Continue Reading →


A CARNIVAL OF SWEETNESS: "A cotton candy Orris fragrance, unisex, a left over from a study around an old classics. Maybe the biggest amount of Orris ever seen in a fragrance in the past 50 years." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragranceLiving CoralYear2019NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPGenderU/FSeason/MoodSummer, and alternatively SpringSize/Cost52ml/$79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackCanto coral a Túpac Amaru... Continue Reading →

Exotic Luxury

THE NEW-NEW BLACK: "The second launch for 2019 is an oriental study around Patchouly leaves and Pink Pepper. Spicy and woody refined with real narde from the Himalaya, black wild collected Olibanum from Jemen and deep Oud from Vietnam. Black C reflects Andreas years working in Dubai for different fragrance Houses and was originally created... Continue Reading →

An Earthly Catharsis

“We all know what a beautiful summer day feels like. In GREEN SPELL, perfumer Antoine Lie has conjured up—as if by magic— the greenest notes in perfumery to create an elixir that will lift your spirits and transport you through scent to that joyous place.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseEris... Continue Reading →

Lilac Personified

THE LILAC (r)EVOLUTION: “Lilas Exquis is a reference to one of the designer’s favorite color and flower. Even if it gives the impression of a delicate harmony, the sensations go crescendo. Lilas Exquis is an unexpected fragrance, playful but above all very surprising, rebel on the head with a green side on the opening which... Continue Reading →

Mine, Mine, Jasmine

“With its intoxicating freshness, it's the perfect casual gentlemen's scent- but we have no doubt that it would smell every bit as stunning on a lady with a taste for the great outdoors.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseEight & BobOriginFranceFragranceChamps de ProvenceYear2017NoseAlbert FouquetConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonSummer/SpringSize/Cost100ml/$175, 30ml/$60SourceLuckyscentSoundtrackSeam by Steinbruchel & Cory Allen, 2012Rating83%

Eris Parfums Discovery Set

FLORA, FAUNA + MUCH MORE: From the house of Eris Parfums in collaboration with master perfumer Antoine Lie comes a series of fragrances (2016-2021). “Named after Eris, the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption, the brand is inspired by muses — divine, human, and fragrant — that exemplify unconventional beauty and dark, subversive glamour.” I... Continue Reading →

The Sarah Baker Range

BETTER SEAS + GARDENS (& unexpected journeys): From US-born, UK Based Sarah Baker, a visual artist and brand ambassador comes a flight of fancy. My first impressions of Sarah Baker Perfumes' Discovery Set include eight fragrances in all. These are all Extrait de Parfum. Broken down there are four noses here including: Sarah McCartney, Andreas... Continue Reading →

Rare Malted Miracle

“Baraonda is an elemental mash up that smells distinctly of infinite possibility. The fragrance encourages a raw taste sensation. It is the result of a quest to evoke the powerful and mighty whisper of an olfactory stirring, which magically rejoins the whole and the nothing…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. This... Continue Reading →

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