Fragrance Flashback Pt 2

LOOKING GLASS IN REVERSE: I like to think of ending where I started. Here we take a trip back into the world of fragrances dating between 1978-1994. The wayback machine is in the upright and full tilt position, and has not smelled this good in a long while (unless you caught part one). Sure, some... Continue Reading →

Fragrance Flashback

Breaking The Space-Time Continuum: Looking back to see the future. These are a few of the fragrances that I grew up on. Though I haven’t really used them since back in the day I’ve been inspired to know they are still available and still very much appreciated, obviously standing the test of time. Normally I... Continue Reading →

EP 28: The Fragrance Pyramid 101

This is my genuine attempt to start a conversation about the so-called 'Fragrance Pyramid'. It's there even if you cannot see it. It's a top down structure. The pyramid relies on time, various types of notes, the power/pungency of the ingredients and perhaps also the true nature (concept/construct) in terms of what it is attempting... Continue Reading →

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