Dark Flowers of Curiousity

"A truly Bohemian fragrance based on historical information of the ethnic culture's roots, religions, attitudes and landscape. An optimistic top note of apple blossom paves the way for a walk in Bohemia's ancient forests of pine, birch and cedar. Incense lends a balsamic smokiness, facilitating a connection between Mother Nature and one's inner-being. The fragrance's intensely feral... Continue Reading →

Expert Discoveries

After a year like no other in my lifetime, or likely in human history, it seemed like as good a time as any to respond to the "Covid Blues" with expressions of the sensory variety. Along the way a handful of amazing perfume shops and vendors really helped shape this journey for me (even though... Continue Reading →

EP 52: An Evolved Rose

Plucked from Papillon Artisan Perfumes the fragrance Tobacco Rose is truly unique in a world of floral fragrances. I'm in love with the dry-down period, however this has a complex life cycle that many, especially rose lovers (and even to those not so keen), will find indulgently pleasing. Though there is no tobacco built-in so... Continue Reading →

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