Notetaking’s Best of 2021 [So Far…]

EXCEPTIONAL OLFACTION: Wait one hot's only July! Yes, I fully realize that there are likely stunning fragrances to come (or that I've missed altogether), with amazing scents just right around the corner. Before I step away from the microphone I wanted to give credence to those which have already impressed halfway through the year.... Continue Reading →

Beaufort by 4

“BeauFort London is a line of fragrances inspired by elements of British history, both real and imagined. With scents that are heavily influenced by stories of the sea, trade, and war. Guided by a preoccupation with the darker elements of British history, BeauFort London works with accomplished perfumers to create fragrances that are bold and... Continue Reading →

The Wild West Never Smelled This Good

“The scent imagines moments within the Battle of Trafalgar.  Powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, Blood, and Brandy combine with sea spray and a penetrating citrus note. The fragrance is singularly bold in its composition, yet ultimately refined, provocative and unique.” HouseBeaufortOriginUKFragrance1805 TonnerreYear2015NoseJulie Dunkley, Julie MarloweConcentrationEDPSeasonA Player Piano + A Ballroom BlitzSize/Cost50ml / $150SourceImpossible-Color.comSoundtrackHired Gun by Steve... Continue Reading →

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