Best of 2020

2020. What can be said about this year? Lots, yes. Despite all the goings-on (good + bad) I managed to put my nose through the paces, and sprayed a heck of a lot of fragrances in the studio. There were a lot of good olfactory sensations in the air that did not make this list,... Continue Reading →

Spark(l)ing Memories

“An island in the Aegean: a sudden violent rainstorm: as the storm ends, the warmth of the emerging sun on bruised foliage coaxes waves of resinous fragrance that wash down onto our place of shelter under a stand of conifer trees…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePaul Schütze PerfumeOriginUKFragranceBehind The RainYear2016NosePaul... Continue Reading →

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