Best of 2020

2020. What can be said about this year? Lots, yes. Despite all the goings-on (good + bad) I managed to put my nose through the paces, and sprayed a heck of a lot of fragrances in the studio. There were a lot of good olfactory sensations in the air that did not make this list,... Continue Reading →

EP 97: Mesmerized by Memoize

COMPLEX COMFORT: To me Black Avaritia could possibly be a miracle cure, for what is yet to be determined. Maybe it could ward off the Covid blues, maybe it just offers the perfect amount of zingyness? They describe it as: "The essence of indulging all of your wants and needs in abundance. Traveling through the... Continue Reading →

EP 44: The Dark Range

None of these perfume extraits in The Dark Range Discovery Set have ever tested on animals. Much appreciated there! The house of Memoize offers two distinctive discovery sets - today I'm talking about this dark range though they also have on offer a light range as well. The dark range is like an incredible selection,... Continue Reading →

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