Beaufort by 4

“BeauFort London is a line of fragrances inspired by elements of British history, both real and imagined. With scents that are heavily influenced by stories of the sea, trade, and war. Guided by a preoccupation with the darker elements of British history, BeauFort London works with accomplished perfumers to create fragrances that are bold and... Continue Reading →

A Libertine Quartet

“Rather than creating products that jumped on trends to scrape up as many possible sales he dreamt of creating honest objects that sparked joy and intrigue in those that used them. He dreamt of creating things that people could enjoy and love for what it did for them, not how it made them look to... Continue Reading →

Ride The Vanilla Wave

“Celebrated by perfume lovers as the best iconic vanilla scent, ANI is a romantic and calm perfume created under the inspiration of a famous Anatolian folk song called “Sarı Gelin” (in Turkish) or “Sari Gyalin” in Armenian. As the similarity of the name of the song in both languages suggests that both nations share a... Continue Reading →

Still or Sparkling

CAPITAL CITIES: "The first so-called “Worldwide” collection. Its scents are an invitation to travel and to discover prestige in all its forms. No smell is the same, they will transport you through the most luxurious capitals on the planet. Exceptional smells will awaken in you the desire to (re) discover the 4 corners of the... Continue Reading →

Dark Is The Juice

"Wardé is a flower that gives; generous as all flowers are. Because flowers play an important part of our everyday life, we wanted the fragrance that holds the name of the collection “Wardé” to embody this role. If you take a look around you, you will find flowers available in one form or another, whether... Continue Reading →

Quelle Sublime

“Imagine a sensual and magnetic allure. An elusive man, with charismatic powers, who can conquer any challenge… He invites you on a journey into the mysterious world of perfume, on the roads to the rarest scents.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseNino Amaddeo ParfumsOriginFranceFragranceCuir SuperbeYear2019NoseNino AmaddeoConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonYear-RoundSize/Cost50-100m/$71-104SourceNino Amaddeo ParfumsSoundtrackIris by Shadowlust, 2013Rating89%

Green Fairy Rises

L'HEURE VERTE: Combining botanicals and other spirits like aniseed, grande wormwood, and fennel, this age old concoction has been attributed to artists, hallucinations and legality for eons. I searched near and far for various perfumed potions that may include absinthe, the infamous aphrodisiac as a featured ingredient, and cast my net wide. Ending up with... Continue Reading →

An Apple A Day As They Say

Ave Parfum says of this fragrance: “Destruction and renewal, a fragrance of opposites. Spring rain paints a pastoral picture, vivid watercolor of fields of daffodils reaching towards the sky while waterlogged crannies hold daffodils that are near collapse, their bloated stems prematurely decaying in the soggy soil.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this... Continue Reading →

Before The Dawn

THE PEARLY GATES OF HYBRIDS: "Metal Rain is a fresh, woody fragrance with aromatic notes. The overall scent is clean, aromatic, and watery." Special Thanks to So Avant Garde. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseBanana RepublicOriginUSAFragranceMetal Rain - Icon CollectionYear2020NoseunknownConcentrationEDPGenderM/USeasonSpring/AutumnSize/Cost75ml/$85Source/LinkSo Avant GardeSoundtrackIn Isolation by Tsone, 2019Rating79%

EP 53: Crisp and Leafy

Oh. This will possibly help your garden grow, or at least one can imagine, greenthumb or not. Nomenclature offers a refreshing take on the Japanese leaf in shi_sõ. By way of nature meets science, this has been concocted for the nose who has likely experienced many fragrances and is looking for something completely new. Not... Continue Reading →

EP 43: An Esteemed Profile

One of those revered modern masterpieces, this comes from Mr. Roja Dove's house, here for your sensory pleasure is Elysium. There must be a hundred ingredients in this masterful concoction, it's sublimely sophisticated, just shy of perfection for my personal taste. Fragrances like this come around once every few decades or so, in ways defining... Continue Reading →

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