Catch The Eclipse

“This is 70's rock and roll. The sound of beads dancing to the beat. Unapologetically sexual and indulgent. A wisp of floral and musk hanging in the hot summer air. Give in” HouseOthús PerfumeryOriginUSAFragranceTurquoiseYear2021 (and in solid form in 2019)NoseColleen Keenan NelmsConcentrationEDPSeason/MoodAfter MidnightSize/Cost15-30ml / $65-110Source/LinkOthús PerfumerySoundtrackTurquoise and Blue by Matthew Prokop, 2019Rating89%

The Singing Conifers

“This scent is a confluence the coniferous forests and the incense burning in the newly settled hamlet. It's a confluence of cultures and of scents….Here in Saint Louis, the word “confluence” is used for many reasons. Of course, the easiest connection is the meeting of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. But also, due to its origins... Continue Reading →

Bitter Gets Better

“It's warm. Balsamic. Ceremonial. An ancient ruler. Spiritually layered. Embrace your power.” HouseOthús PerfumeryOriginUSAFragranceAmberYear2019NoseColleen Keenan NelmsConcentrationEDPSeasonTo Ward Away The Bad Spirits of HumiditySize/Cost15-30ml / $65-110Source/LinkOthús PerfumerySoundtrackBitter Sweet by Joe Lewandowski, 2021Rating84%

Wake Me Up

A BRISK REMINDER: “The name "Awake" is spot-on, as it begins with a bracing, mentholated note that smells as though you are inhaling the crisp, foggy, gray air of the Russian taiga. Similar to an olfactive splash of cold water on the face. Decidedly woody in the beginning, the woods slowly retreat as the fragrance... Continue Reading →

In The Clouds

With special thanks to Luckyscent who says: “…with an array of florals and resins designed both to evoke the natural Himalayas habitat that such a deer might find himself in, while also drawing out the aphrodisiac elements of deer musk that have brought the material such breathless renown.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on... Continue Reading →

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