Triple Threat: The House of Oud

“Andrea Casotti’s concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal accumulations of a nuclear engineer who is also a visionary, a street artist and a perfumer: a chameleon-like explorer who employs dynamics, colours and the ingredients of his fragrance house with talent to reproduce a vibrant synthesis of widely different universes in every one of his... Continue Reading →

Stora Skuggan: Thirds

“It happened many seasons ago. Of course to explain it you would have to be here. We had all been used to only the same smells, the same architecture. Until the monsoon came. At first we were weary. What did she want with us? But then we became dizzy. The allure became a way of living. Without it we were dust.”... Continue Reading →

Melt With You

THIS AIN'T 'CHEAP': “Dark and primal, Chypre Shot boasts a powerful and original chypre accord with a revisited accord of oakmoss amidst a playful association of notes of patchouli, peony, black pepper, and coffee.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseOlfactive StudioOriginFranceFragranceChypre ShotYear2019NoseBertrand DuchaufourConcentrationExtrait de ParfumGenderU/FSeasonFall thru SpringSize/Cost15-100ml/$79-275SourceOlfactive StudioSoundtrackSpring Aroma by Martin... Continue Reading →

The Sheen of Night

A COLLABORATIVE POSTSCRIPT: “The P.S. perfume is a beautiful August evening recreated in detail. Musk and quality leather, dry vetiver and foggy resinous patchouli paint a convincing picture of tired summer with warm asphalt after rain. The theme of hard day's night is continued with crispy opopanax, as well as chords of precious resins of... Continue Reading →

Leisure Living

“Gris Charnel is inspired by a Parisian urban sensuality, which it expresses through sandalwood and vetiver. It is the scent of bodies entwined between white sheets until the early morning. Recommended for those in search of a carnal, oriental and woody perfume…” HouseBDK ParfumsOriginFranceFragranceGris CharnelYear2019NoseMathilde BijaouiConcentrationEDPSeasonThe Cooler MonthsSize/Cost100ml / $180SourceSo Avant GardeSoundtrackWoody 'n' You (Take... Continue Reading →

Two Men, Two Scents

THE HISTORY OF FRAGRANCE IN HINDSIGHT: “Birth year of a Parisian gentleman, named Donatien-Alphonse-François, which posterity remembers as the Marquis de Sade. For this man, whose licentious morals had him imprisoned many times, luxury rhymes with literature. The libertine writer would undoubtedly have enjoyed the audacity of this spiced wooded scent, an invitation to pleasure... Continue Reading →

Floral Fossils

ROSE TEA + TREE: “A warm and smouldering return to the liquid gold essence of oud and the precious tree of its origin Just as the aroma of wood smoke spikes winter’s air, AQUILARIA injects warmth into that which is cold. The fragrance is a dedication to the East Asian tree of the same name... Continue Reading →

Leathered Likeness

BOUND VOLUMES: “Leathery and organic, Leather Shot is a woody, smoky, and spicy leather supported by the powdery elegance of iris, cedarwood, and driftwood notes.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseOlfactive StudioOriginFranceFragranceLeather ShotYear2018NoseBertrand Duchaufour (@ Technicoflor)ConcentrationExtrait de ParfumGenderU/MSeasonFall + Winter + Early SpringSize/Cost15ml/$79, 100ml/$275Source/LinkOlfactive StudioSoundtrackAlchemy Of Snow by Netherworld, 2013Rating88%

Selections from Gather Perfume

BODACIOUS BOTANICALS: “Conceptual, complex natural fragrances that unfold on your skin, telling stories of landscapes, memories, exotic lands, or familiar seasons. Each botanical perfume is expertly composed in small batches using only the finest, authentic plant aromatics from around the world, carefully gathered from the wild, or organically grown in the home garden. Olfactory art, plant alchemy,... Continue Reading →

Régime des Fleurs Pour Tous Set

BOUNTIFUL BOUQUET + THEN SOME: “Pour Tous by Régime des Fleurs: Perfumes for everyone. Drawn from the sublime drama of the botanical world....known for its unique take on luxury fragrance. High-concept perfume collections in vivid packaging draw inspiration from nature, history, and art.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseRégime des FleursOriginUSAFragranceWillows,... Continue Reading →

Ineke Deluxe Discovery Collection

LOVELY GIFT PACKAGE: As Discovery Week continues we have a unique set here. “Ineke’s Deluxe Sample Collection contains spray samples of a selection of Ineke’s fragrances from her signature Alphabetical Collection….presented in an elegant box and includes a brochure describing all the fragrances. Each individual 1.5 ml fragrance is housed in a decorative “matchbox” with... Continue Reading →

EP 81: Put Down The Axe

PLAID PERFUME: This truly hits me smack dab at the center of my being. It'll potentially put hair on your chest, oh, wait, I don't need any more. 😉 One thing is for sure, this may not make a man outta you, but it will make any manly man consider his gentlemanly side due to... Continue Reading →

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