Pale Shelter

"A woody, floral orris perfume, composed with star perfumer Ralf Schwieger. A fairytale Uzbek city on the Silk Road. Fruits and spices – sophistication and adventure. A journey into Central Asia. Bukhara is an earthy perfume, composed around the enigmatic orris – one of perfumery’s most prized (and expensive) raw materials." HouseGallivantOriginUKFragranceBukharaYear2020NoseNick Steward w/Ralf SchwiegerConcentrationEDPSeasonSpring... Continue Reading →

Dark Flowers of Curiousity

"A truly Bohemian fragrance based on historical information of the ethnic culture's roots, religions, attitudes and landscape. An optimistic top note of apple blossom paves the way for a walk in Bohemia's ancient forests of pine, birch and cedar. Incense lends a balsamic smokiness, facilitating a connection between Mother Nature and one's inner-being. The fragrance's intensely feral... Continue Reading →

A Perky Brew

I'M COMING OUT: “This limited edition perfume is one half of a dual release of vetiver perfumes. These perfumes are more experimental than I have released with the Libertine line, exploring my materials library without burdening the creative process with concerns budget and style. Both perfumes in this collection use a considerable quantity of high end natural ingredients….” *** Correction:... Continue Reading →

Wonderous Witchy Ways

“Häxan is an ode to the ancient practices of sorcery, magic, alchemy and witchcraft. It is inspiredby Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 seminal film on this subject. The perfume uses over 100 ingredients that are traditionally represented in potions and elixirs associated with these practices. Häxan is a dark witchy fougere style perfume which incorporates dark woody... Continue Reading →

EP 60: Into The Ether

Though it's been fourteen long years since this fragrance originally surfaced, it's one of those that I guess slipped through the cracks for many. In fact the house of Exte, an Italian fashion designer house, only produced very few perfumes, and J'S Extè Man was the only for men that I am aware of. And... Continue Reading →

EP 43: An Esteemed Profile

One of those revered modern masterpieces, this comes from Mr. Roja Dove's house, here for your sensory pleasure is Elysium. There must be a hundred ingredients in this masterful concoction, it's sublimely sophisticated, just shy of perfection for my personal taste. Fragrances like this come around once every few decades or so, in ways defining... Continue Reading →

EP 20: Eastern Smoke

If you are going to get lost amid the ecstatic, this may be the perfect elixir for noses in (and out of) the know. Targa is a revelation and Blackbird out of the Pacific Northwest is testifying loud and clear - well, actually soft, dark and smokily (I can make up words!). As far as... Continue Reading →

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