Time Travel Bliss

“Close the blinds and send the kids to bed- Salome, the latest sensation from Papillon Artisan Perfumes, is Sexy with a grown-up, capital "S"-- a swooningly vintage-feeling delight that proves that the golden era of full-bodied perfumery isn't nearly as bygone as the doubters might claim. Built around a strikingly animalic blend of rich, dirty... Continue Reading →

Taking Temperatures

“Unutamam was bound to defy easy categorization as the first entry in NISHANE's bold new "Experimental Collection". But that turns out to be the point: Unutamam, intentionally straddles the line between lush seduction and animalic ferocity, leaving it to the wearer to decide which mood to allow the scent to embody. Unutamam, from first spray,... Continue Reading →

Making A Splash

"From every trip, I have always brought back an olfactory memory of the places visited. From a trip to the Antilles, I can recall the memory of their olfactory power: on the slopes of the volcanoes grow the roots of Vetiver, with its virile and woody notes. Here the mornings shine with the freshness of... Continue Reading →

Willy Wonka x Pink Floyd

“FZOTIC is a San Francisco based project by artist-perfumer Bruno Fazzolari dedicated to bringing independent vision and artistry to everyday life…Dark, rich, mysterious, intoxicating amber with chocolate, tobacco and woody notes. Loaded with real tonka bean absolute!…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseFzoticOriginUSAFragranceUmmagummaYear2017NoseBruno FazzolariConcentrationEDPGenderUSeason/MoodAutumn through SpringSize/Cost30ml, $125SourceTigerlilySoundtrackSysiphus Part 4 by Pink... Continue Reading →

Bitter Gets Better

“It's warm. Balsamic. Ceremonial. An ancient ruler. Spiritually layered. Embrace your power.” HouseOthús PerfumeryOriginUSAFragranceAmberYear2019NoseColleen Keenan NelmsConcentrationEDPSeasonTo Ward Away The Bad Spirits of HumiditySize/Cost15-30ml / $65-110Source/LinkOthús PerfumerySoundtrackBitter Sweet by Joe Lewandowski, 2021Rating84%

Aromatic Utopia

“This Olibanum-based perfume is a clean veil like the morning atmosphere after the nightly religious processions in the city of Granada, LaAurora is a fragrance of subtle sophistication belonging to the Oriental Amber family, and is dedicated to the Virgin of La Aurora, Queen and Mother of the Albaycín/Granada.” Click Play. HouseRicardo Ramos Perfumes de... Continue Reading →

Not A Shy Flower

EASY BEING GREEN: “Our green perfume is a lush experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression with you and your friends and loved ones. The whole composition from start to finish takes you to a legendary jungle in which you will meet violets, jasmine, narcotic white florals, petrichor (smell of damp earth), Malinau... Continue Reading →

Aye Aye Matey

KEEP IT NATURAL: “A recreation of the explosion of scents in the hold of a pirate vessel: from the caramelized sweetness of Rum and Spices, to the enriched timber. A gourmand; a tantalizing, hypnotic, oriental potion for irresistible attraction.” So much better to wear this than to swab the deck! Click Play, to hear my... Continue Reading →

Bold Bouquet

“Pivoine is a 2017 edition to the Parfums de Jour collection. It is a rich bouquet of flowers with peonies in a leading role that invites us for a romantic walk in a blossomed garden. Manos describes this fragrance as The Lovers.” Special thanks to Perfumology. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseManos GerakinisOriginGreeceFragrancePivoineYear2017NoseManos... Continue Reading →

Primped & Preened

“A vintage inspired fragrance for the perfect gentleman. Tabac Vert evokes fragmented images of the old-world; wood paneled parlors, soft leather chairs and fine cigars…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseRogue PerfumeryOriginUSAFragranceTabac VertYear2017NoseManuel CrossConcentrationEDTGenderU/M-leaningSeasonN/ASize/Cost30ml, $75 & 100ml $150SourceRogue PerfumerySoundtrackSarapiquí (Chord's Reduction Mix) by Overcast Sound, 2010Rating86%

Oceanic Animalia

In The Wild - So Untraditional: “The green iodine smell of the Cadiz coastline evoking seaweed drying on the shores under the summer sun. A reconstitution of the blend of scents left on the skin when emerging from tempestuous seaweed-filled waters. Wilderness and sheer physical beauty. This perfume is truly unique, ageless and only for... Continue Reading →

Hot Honeyed Hue

HONEY-DIPPED FLEURS!: “A hot breeze of Immortelle flower blowing on a dreamy skin for hours....set amongst the parched, rocky terrain, Bois Lumiere projects a dusty, intensely bright floral and woodsy character, honey sweet but bone dry, a hot desert wind that sings of sun-soaked relaxation and an almost alien beauty..” Click Play, to hear my... Continue Reading →

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