Notetaking’s Best of 2021 [So Far…]

EXCEPTIONAL OLFACTION: Wait one hot's only July! Yes, I fully realize that there are likely stunning fragrances to come (or that I've missed altogether), with amazing scents just right around the corner. Before I step away from the microphone I wanted to give credence to those which have already impressed halfway through the year.... Continue Reading →

Serge Lutens³

"Call it the primal scream of perfumery. Coumarin was the very first molecule that allowed perfumers to cut loose from the past and venture into modern abstraction. First used in the groundbreaking 1882 Fougère Royale, this synthetic marvel ignited a new era of artistic expression. Named after kumarù, the word for the tonka bean tree... Continue Reading →

EP 62: A Soft Bite

I have to say I'm pleased to present my first-ever review of a fragrance from the house of Serge Lutens. This is Five O'Clock Au Gingembre and it may be deceptive at first, but let it sink in, and sync up. I love how this trips the switch of your imagination, and it keeps you... Continue Reading →

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