Ceremony of Subtleties

"Withering under a full moon passion as your darkest side emerges. Limbs sinuous and contorted by dark obsessions within the smokey and decadent opium den of old Chinatown.  Banishing the days negativity with Rituals of comfort." HouseFløreOriginCanadaFragranceRitualYear2016NoseStacey MooreConcentrationNatural Perfume OilSeasonLate Winter/Spring ThawSize/Cost10ml / $48Source/LinkFlore Botanical AlchemySoundtrackWith A Full Moon by Quest, 2019Rating78%

Take A Bite

“A beautiful, fascinating, sophisticated, regal woman… and truly lethal, like the fragrance named after her. When we conjure up an image of Lucrezia, her figure becomes hazy. She is such a universal and powerful character that she fills every nook of her reverberating strength, just as this fragrance evolves in its compelling bouquet. Precious flowers with a hypnotic scent,... Continue Reading →

Strapped In

GIVE ME SOMETHING TO GRAB FOR: "This is a scent that doesn’t stand still. It moves back and forth from effervescent top notes to sultry base notes like a piece of sexy improvisational music. The heart has a boozy quality, reminiscent of your favorite whiskey with notes of vanilla (Tonka Bean) and smoky Vetiver. However,... Continue Reading →

Light & Shade

THE ENRICHED FOREST FLOOR: “This rich layered scent is an olfactory ode to a very special, almost magical forest in County Meath. Woody sweetness with a hint of damp leaves and puffball mushrooms under foot. Freshness of moss on the bark of ash and oak trees. Clean effervescence of the deep, dark rushing river beside... Continue Reading →

Opposites Attract

“The rich pairing of ripe blood orange and brilliant red geranium creates a bright and fruited opening. Middle notes of sweet honeyed fruits, balsams and sparkling amber are given depth and texture with a hint of cocoa and spicy patchouli. Nutty balsamic resin and creamy notes provide a dark grounding with musk to resolve the... Continue Reading →

Aye Aye Matey

KEEP IT NATURAL: “A recreation of the explosion of scents in the hold of a pirate vessel: from the caramelized sweetness of Rum and Spices, to the enriched timber. A gourmand; a tantalizing, hypnotic, oriental potion for irresistible attraction.” So much better to wear this than to swab the deck! Click Play, to hear my... Continue Reading →

Selections from Gather Perfume

BODACIOUS BOTANICALS: “Conceptual, complex natural fragrances that unfold on your skin, telling stories of landscapes, memories, exotic lands, or familiar seasons. Each botanical perfume is expertly composed in small batches using only the finest, authentic plant aromatics from around the world, carefully gathered from the wild, or organically grown in the home garden. Olfactory art, plant alchemy,... Continue Reading →

EP 21: Flickering Memories

This puts you in place, but just where? To this nose it's got the power of time transport, to another place and time. Shouldn't all perfumes have this quality? Well, I guess it may depend on where you are going to. In Maher Olfactive's Treachery, just what will you be subjected to? It does ask... Continue Reading →

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