Cognoscenti x Trois

"As a painter, architect and designer, Dannielle Sergent is an artistic creator by trade. Her passion for fragrance, and the desire to blend old-world craftsmanship with a modern day sensibility, provided the inspiration for her creative foray into the world of scent.Sergent’s decision to create a unisex fragrance line stems from the historical origins of... Continue Reading →

Black + Blue

COOL BLUE: "An exploration of two trees - Fresh Blue Cypress paired with the sultry decay of Black Agarwood. A Natural Cypress and Synthetic Agarwood frame the muted floral and fern heart, encouraging both notes to assert their influence upon each other. This perfumed chiaroscuro highlights each note’s unique edges and curves. Wisps of tobacco... Continue Reading →

Warmed Over & Over

THE EYES HAVE IT: "Designed around the Daucus Carota seed: an earthy, woody and warm note that is surprisingly familiar yet hard to pinpoint with out the aid of the word “carrot”. This fragrance is round, complex, resinous and spicy. The resins add increased depth and a whiff of ancient lands, but the roasted Carrot... Continue Reading →

Strapped In

GIVE ME SOMETHING TO GRAB FOR: "This is a scent that doesn’t stand still. It moves back and forth from effervescent top notes to sultry base notes like a piece of sexy improvisational music. The heart has a boozy quality, reminiscent of your favorite whiskey with notes of vanilla (Tonka Bean) and smoky Vetiver. However,... Continue Reading →


TAKE A BREATH(ER): "This is a portrait of a nocturnal wild child. Her scent is informal, dark, uplifting and not too flowery. The internal illumination recalls black licorice: deep, earthy and sweet with a surprising sharpness. She is all of these things,… and green. Tarragon becomes the central note due to its sweet, anisic and green profile. Her portrait is kissed... Continue Reading →

Grande Melange

“The large Italian population in Argentina often made me wonder why my ancestors ended up in the US instead of a bit further South. Upon learning that Fernet-Branca is the national drink of Argentina I decided to use it as the inspiration for this perfume. I chose a select few of the 27 "secret" ingredients... Continue Reading →

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