Earth Day Perfume

It's Earth Day (since 1970), the 52nd celebration of this day focused on all things natural, organic, botanical - of sustainable practices here and abroad! It's part call to action, part communing with Mother Nature on a day that should be year-round. So in these times when climate change is becoming much more obvious and... Continue Reading →

Ginger: Totally Rhizomatic!

GOT ROOTS? An Odyssey of Spice: Ginger. What a strange looking thing, am I right? Is it a fruit, is it just for Thai cuisine? I think not. Did you catch our previous ginger teaser that featured three additional fragrances kissed by this wondrous note? By far, it's one of our favorite accords on the... Continue Reading →

Haunted Forest

“A canoe trip through the north country. Rich woods braided with moss and campfire smoke, supported by zesty citrus, spicy green notes, and suave florals, with a soft vanilla sandalwood landing. Slowdrift, a composition in the aromatic woods style, is the result of that effort. Exceptionally woodsy with an old-school flair, this is a perfume... Continue Reading →

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