Tobacco: Smoky, Soft, Sweet

DRIED, SMOKED, HONEY-DRENCHED. Well, well, well. Take an extended drag while scrolling through with us and this full house of fragrances! As a non-smoker I cannot truly vouch for the pleasures that are sought in the world of tobacco, however I think I’ve searched and found several wide uses and interpretations in the world of... Continue Reading →

Spicy Seasonal Solution

'TIS THE SEASON: “A delicious regal blend evolved from rich spice cargos brought back to Renaissance Europe via the Medici family’s sponsored voyages to the New World. Piquant top-notes conjure up ardent kisses at masked balls, festive revelers, sugarplums and savory clementines spilling from abundant cornucopias.Culled from a secret Medici formulation that enraptures with lusciousness,... Continue Reading →

Peach Beach

“For millennia camels laden with salt plates have been going the way that starts from the cold desert of Dancalia and then crosses the hot dunes of the Ethiopian desert. I created this fragrance that first brings the salt and cold air and then suddenly gets the changing colors of the sand dunes : the... Continue Reading →

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