Deep, Deeper, Deepest

ENTER THE SUBLIME: “Enter the Zen Garden.  Within this timeless and sacred place, rare natural notes of alligator juniper, black copal, aglaia flower, chrysanthemum and specimen evergreens of the Far East burst forth in their fullest expression and radiance.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseHouse of MatriarchOriginUSAFragranceBonsaiYear2019NoseChristi MeshellConcentrationNatural PerfumeGenderUSeason/MoodSummer/SpringSize/Cost3.3-100ml/$24-$560SourceHouse of MatriarchSoundtrackOpto File... Continue Reading →

Boston Bouquet

"An early morning walk through this majestic neighborhood, with the first rays of sunlight glimmering through the streets, reveals a dynamic history and a miracle of preservation. The Blue Hills Reservation, just outside of Boston, includes over 7,000 acres traversing forests, marshes, swamps, ponds, flowering meadows and a fragrant Atlantic white cedar bog. The top of the Great Blue Hill offers... Continue Reading →

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