Tom Ford – A Duo In The Woods

“Costa Azzurra Acqua is a fresher expression of Costa Azzurra. It merges cool air and refreshing waters as one.”… “Impulsive, debonair, extravagant. Fougere Platine inhabits the exhibitionist and his most brilliant, mischievous, indulgent, and infinitely exhilarating. Opulent doses of refreshing woods magnetize you like the shining gleam of platinum, or a devilish grin replaying the... Continue Reading →

The Quieter Ginger Spectrum

“Black Ginger is a rare variation on Ginger with black leaves so shiny and smooth that they appear lacquered. Demeter's Black Ginger is an invigorating spicy ginger scent, with touches of eastern spice and ginger flowers. It is unique and unusual, in a manner that is classically Demeter…Fresh Ginger captures the delicate, sparkling and slightly... Continue Reading →

Stay Chill

"The eau de cologne Colonia Pura is a vibrant interpretation of the classic Colonia fragrance, blending bright and fruity notes of bergamot, orange, and petit grain. A combination of coriander and jasmine scents gives it a harmonious essence while the signature duo of cedar wood notes and patchouli rounds it off with a woody base."... Continue Reading →

Bitter Sweet Darkness

❤FIRE: “Beaver trappers were the cowboys of early America. Renegade mountaineers of the Jacksonian era who cut trails through the wild in search of beaver pelts–prized by hatters, doctors, and perfumers. Dark cedar, snake root, synthetic beaver castor, and wild bergamot.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseDS & DurgaOriginUSAFragranceFreetrapperYear2011 (happy 10th!)NoseDavid Seth MoltzConcentrationEDP... Continue Reading →

Re-Retro in Pinstripes

The folks at Penhaligon's say: "Vivid yet subtle, No. 33 is a classic cologne-style fragrance with lasting power. Shimmering and tart, 33 emulates the bounce in your step on the sunniest of days, and the crisp lines of your best suit, freshly laundered. Bergamot, orange and grapefruit form a virtual yellow diamond set atop this... Continue Reading →

Citrus n Spice n All Things Nice

HIDE AND SEEK: "Eau Contraire, a velvet water: Solar and generous. Blood orange from Sicily is infused with Indian cardamom. Thirdman, the perfumery for a new era: Ultra sensorial, personal and freed from excessive design Thirdman focuses on the intrinsic beauty of nature's textures, the unprecedented sensation of contemporary molecular research and the innovative engineering to its... Continue Reading →

Sampling Serenity with Lili Bermuda

“Lili Bermuda is an artistic reflection of Bermuda where each fragrance represents the Island's natural beauty: from the pure scent of the wind and fresh salt spray of the ocean, to its luscious botanicals such as Bermuda cedarwood, spring freesias and juicy loquats.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseLili BermudaOriginBermudaFragranceSomers, South... Continue Reading →

Green, Clean + Promethean

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. “An intriguing fragrance with a hint of eccentricity. Reminiscent of a Hinoki forest, smoky notes descend into subtle spice and dark green, earthy accords.” HouseAesopOriginAustraliaFragranceHwylYear2017NoseBarnabé FillionConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonN/ASize/Cost50ml, $135SourceLuckyscent.comSoundtrackA Dark Shadow by M² (2002)Rating89%

A Blast From The Past

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. "Not for boys! For real men only. A cross-generation composition for grandfather, father and son. Citrus cologne bomb. Aromatic and refreshing fragrance. A real heartbreaker. For a bearded man from a barber shop, a gentleman and a fan of the classics...." PS: This is not 'really'... Continue Reading →

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