Shadow of Rose & a 2nd Wind

“A romantic and feminine scent combining delicate rose, leafy greens, apricot and soft woods. In ancient Greek mythology, wild roses are a powerful symbol of love and adoration. They are also strongly associated with the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, who is often depicted with a crown of roses.” HouseKorresOriginGreeceFragranceApothecary Wild RoseYear2013 /... Continue Reading →

Day Glo Creamsicle

“Designed to provide a relaxing and tropical scent, Shores of Atlantis starts with a crisp burst of orange, but in a short time fades to reveal the coconut and fresh ocean scents that can remain noticeable throughout the day.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseAndriel RolandoOriginUSAFragranceShores of AtlantisYear2020ConcentrationEDTGenderUSeason/MoodSunnySize/Cost100ml / $72Color/TonePrimary ColorsAtmosphereBeachySource/LinkAndriel RolandoSoundtrackStars (Remastered,... Continue Reading →

Get Lost

“Nautilus is a fragrance inspired by the colors, sounds and energy of a summer Bermuda storm. It reflects the supernatural energy of the crashing waves, which have sculpted so perfectly our idyllic landscape. Nautilus is a gift from nature with its most dramatic expression of power and beauty.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Fresh Garden Party

“A refreshing and spicy scent that combines sweet mountain pepper, bergamot, crisp apple with moss and woods. Mountain Peppers are known for their sweet and fruity taste at first, followed by a lingering peppery after taste. The same can be said for its fragrance, which makes it ideal unexpected spice in masculine scents. Suitable for... Continue Reading →

Herbaceous Amber Glow

"The perfume that gives the gift of ubiquity. To be everywhere at the same time …This is a space-time perfume. Cologne enters softly, then cedar wood arrives in full force and later vanishes into the underbrush on a base of amber." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePoulageOriginFranceFragranceUbiquitéYear2015NoseStéphanie PoulageConcentrationEDTAtmosphereParisian Herbal ApothecarySeasonSpringtimeSize/Cost75ml /... Continue Reading →

Smoke Signals

"Embers of love and longing. Love burns, ignites, its flame forging two into one for good or bad, in sickness and in health. Made with just five ingredients, this perfume tells the tale of a lovers’ wedding night and their inextinguishable love.Nostalgic and linear, it evokes repetition and the sweet, smoky song which Hafez sings.... Continue Reading →

New Blacks: Sugar + Spice

Introvert / Extrovert: “When it comes to Black Pepper they say: “Crisp and energizing, juicy citrus combines with a fresh marine accord, woods and pepper seeds….Once considered a luxury, black pepper was something only the upper class could enjoy. Because of this, it was a sacred offering to the Gods centuries ago.” And then there’s... Continue Reading →

A Spiced Stratum

“This poetic fragrance opens on juicy notes of grapefruit and orange and mix with the floral richness of a spicy rose. Cedarwood, Vetiver and benzoin then all meet and leave an enveloping signature. Inspired by Terre d’hermes Hermes. Cruelty free & 100% Vegan…” HousePrivate ParfumOriginFranceFragranceMarrakechYear2011ConcentrationEDTGenderU/MSeasonFlexibleAtmosphereCasual, SpellboundSize/Cost100ml / $45SourcePrivate ParfumColor/ToneForesty GradationsSoundtrackSpice War (Zongamin Remix) by Becker... Continue Reading →

Spa Ready Soft Citrus

“Designed to provide a crisp, fresh scent that lasts Rise of Apollo starts with a strong burst of orange and maintains a potent citrus fragrance long after the initial burst has faded….The energetic top notes burst with orange, and the supporting elements can combine to help that crisp, fresh citrus scent remain with you for many hours.” Click Play,... Continue Reading →

Straight To The Heart

GET IT TWISTED: “Delicately blending some of the most exclusive ingredients known to perfumery, this fragrance is pure luxury, bottled. The mystifying texture of Oud in all its dark opulence is vivified with a flicker of Rose. At its heart, the warm unfading glow of Immortelle irradiates a floral woody backbone of Orris and modern... Continue Reading →

Side By Side By Side

A THREESOME: “Batucada is a celebration of the spirit of Brazil. It captures the rhythm of the drumming beat of Mardi Gras. This vibrant and joyful scent tells the story of The Carnival with its bronzed samba dancers as well as the quiet beauty of Ipanema beach at sundown. Caligna is an ode to Grasse... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet n’ Buttery

A LONESTAR STATE OF MIND: "It's the scent of a solitary rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire. I want it to be fresh and light, yet lasting and powerful…. When I created this fragrance, I... Continue Reading →

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