Notetaking’s Best of 2021 [So Far…]

EXCEPTIONAL OLFACTION: Wait one hot's only July! Yes, I fully realize that there are likely stunning fragrances to come (or that I've missed altogether), with amazing scents just right around the corner. Before I step away from the microphone I wanted to give credence to those which have already impressed halfway through the year.... Continue Reading →

A Celestial Awakening

BREATHE DEEPLY: “Ancient Egyptians truly appreciated incense, in their ceremonies as well as their funerals, and religious ceremonies they used incense extensively. You will experience labdanum, smoke, spikenard, frankincense, myrrh sandalwood smoke and copaiba balsam.” Sacred + Profane. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseElixir AttarOriginUSAFragranceSacred Incense: Al Bokhoor Al MuqaddasYear2018NoseAhmed (Elixir... Continue Reading →

Best of 2020

2020. What can be said about this year? Lots, yes. Despite all the goings-on (good + bad) I managed to put my nose through the paces, and sprayed a heck of a lot of fragrances in the studio. There were a lot of good olfactory sensations in the air that did not make this list,... Continue Reading →

Not A Shy Flower

EASY BEING GREEN: “Our green perfume is a lush experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression with you and your friends and loved ones. The whole composition from start to finish takes you to a legendary jungle in which you will meet violets, jasmine, narcotic white florals, petrichor (smell of damp earth), Malinau... Continue Reading →

The Inner Light

BUILDING INTIMACY: “Royal Luban - a new height in Frankincense based attars. We created this attar for the lovers of frankincense or Luban in Arabic. It has saffron, spices, frankincense, oud , and much more. Just about the best frankincense you will ever smell, with molecularly-distilled components that bring your incense sensational experience to new... Continue Reading →

Burnt Offerings

SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN: “Imagine yourself walking through the Imperial courts of Japan, with incense burning and aromas of spices, burnt aloes-wood (oud), resins, and flowers tingle with your sensations.This scent is excellent for those who want to experience the Japanese Kodo tradition and incense burning ceremonies.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.... Continue Reading →

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