Notetaking’s Best of 2021 [So Far…]

EXCEPTIONAL OLFACTION: Wait one hot's only July! Yes, I fully realize that there are likely stunning fragrances to come (or that I've missed altogether), with amazing scents just right around the corner. Before I step away from the microphone I wanted to give credence to those which have already impressed halfway through the year.... Continue Reading →

EP 83: Green Inside Out

IT'S EASY BEING THIS GREEN: This is Escentric Molecules' Molecule 03. From Aedes: "The overall impression is spicy but fresh with warm balsamic undertones, like a traditional chypre. It’s sensuous without sweetness, which is a signature by perfumer Geza Schoen. And, because he also excels at unexpected associations, you may even detect a fugitive tang... Continue Reading →

EP 55: Bottled Renewal

A dash of spice, oh so nice. But this is far more, and though Ormonde Man may not be the longest lasting EDP out there, it's it's own thing. Ormonde Jayne has managed a way to time travel through this fragrance. It's definitely different, definitely will get the jets fired with wood in its belly... Continue Reading →

EP 51: Layered Luxury

For the dapper in all of us, this fragrance from the house of Clive Christian will turn a few heads in your direction. It's hard to imagine that 1872 for Men is now nineteen years young, but truth be told. It's really a timeless classic that more it absorbs into your personal space, though it's... Continue Reading →

EP 3: Yin/Yang

In this episode I cover two very different fragrances, one hailing from Cologne, Germany and the other coming out of Paris, France. These strangely come off like two kindred variations on one's seasonal temperament with very unique personalities. Somehow they are quite singular though to my nose there are parallels that I am trying to... Continue Reading →

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