In Full Bloom with Smallflower featuring JHAG

We are so proud to bring back our friends from Apothecary to help us with this three-month long miniseries focused on one house monthly (through June). So, a gracious welcome back to Dana and Grace Ann as we explore the US-based house Juliette Has A Gun for the very first time. JHAG was originally... Continue Reading →

Top Shelf Shaman

“I crafted notes of blonde oud, ginger, sandalwood, juniper berries and a trace of olibanum to age in a bourbon seasoned oak barrel which imparted a warmer and smokier dimension to the top… A mysteriously alluring and easy to wear smokey spiced oud for women and men aged 47 days in a bourbon seasoned American Oak barrel.” And,... Continue Reading →

Re-Retro in Pinstripes

The folks at Penhaligon's say: "Vivid yet subtle, No. 33 is a classic cologne-style fragrance with lasting power. Shimmering and tart, 33 emulates the bounce in your step on the sunniest of days, and the crisp lines of your best suit, freshly laundered. Bergamot, orange and grapefruit form a virtual yellow diamond set atop this... Continue Reading →

Ginger: Totally Rhizomatic!

GOT ROOTS? An Odyssey of Spice: Ginger. What a strange looking thing, am I right? Is it a fruit, is it just for Thai cuisine? I think not. Did you catch our previous ginger teaser that featured three additional fragrances kissed by this wondrous note? By far, it's one of our favorite accords on the... Continue Reading →

Get Lost

“Nautilus is a fragrance inspired by the colors, sounds and energy of a summer Bermuda storm. It reflects the supernatural energy of the crashing waves, which have sculpted so perfectly our idyllic landscape. Nautilus is a gift from nature with its most dramatic expression of power and beauty.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Go The Distance

PURPLE PLUME: "A study around real Ambergris Tincture, Swiss stone Pine, Maceal, Mimosa, Olibanum, Ginger and Hedione HC." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragrancePurpleYear2018NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPGenderUSeason/MoodSpring through Early FallSize/Cost52ml/$79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackMysterious Crystal by Sun Ra, 1972Rating81%

Sighs of Citrus

“A syrupy scent; burnt fig and heartwarming ginger. Orange blossoms unfurl their petals towards the sky, the quiet hours of morn, full of reverie. Round, dewy stone fruits in the height of summer. Sweet tangerine dreams.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseOne SeedOriginAustraliaFragranceDreamerYear2017NoseLiz CookConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonSummer/SpringSize/Cost30ml/$77SourceOne SeedSoundtrackFruity Loops #2 by Jurgen Paape, 2010Rating82%

Playa or Player?

"You know that feeling of soaring through the air and dunking on an 8-foot hoop at an elementary school? That's what it feels like to wear the Grant. Never done that before? Neither has he…." HouseGuy FoxOriginUSA (California)FragranceGrantYear2019NoseunknownConcentrationEDPSeason/MoodA Blast of Spring Break + Summer EnergySize/Cost50ml / $59.50Source/LinkGuy FoxSoundtrackGrant's Stand by Booker Ervin, 1963Rating80%

A Trio of Gingers: A Teaser

RHIZOMATIC! “A flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine. It is a herbaceous perennial which grows annual pseudostems about one meter tall bearing narrow leaf blades.” Catch our full spotlight on gingery fragrances coming on April the 1st! Full Ginger Spotlight (here). HousesTiziana Terenzi... Continue Reading →

Plush Patina

“Pas ce Soir is inspired by a mysterious and sensual night in Paris. The fragrance is fruity, spicy and woody, made by a trilogy of jasmine, quince, and orange blossom. Recommended for those in search of an indulgent floral perfume…” HouseBDK ParfumsOriginFranceFragrancePas Сe SoirYear2016NoseDavid BenedekConcentrationEDPSeasonFall/Winter (but still flexible)AtmosphereParis A Go GoSize/Cost100ml / $180SourceSo Avant GardeSoundtrackQuince... Continue Reading →

A Rosy Time Capsule

RUDDY ROSE: “Cinabre is a real revolution in the fragrances made of roses. It creates the fragrance of a magic rose with a breakthrough formula. It blends the essences of the Moroccan Splendens roses, absolute of May rose and pure vanilla to magically recreate the scent of the Ayrshire rose Splendens, an ancient rose well... Continue Reading →

Parisian Progressive

“There's no question that oud is the "it" ingredient of modern perfumery, but so many oud scents are so content to re-hash the tried-and-true combinations that we can't help but feel that the "modern" part of it has gotten a bit lost. Not so with Oud Vendôme, a genuinely modern oud that folds the smoky,... Continue Reading →

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