The Lull of Marine Rose

“The good omen of an early rain came and quenched the desert city grass on which we’d say our vows by the time the sun set. That salty morning mist dared to linger in the air, but couldn’t long survive the burning in us, nor the radiance of hearts surrounding and uplifting us that day... Continue Reading →

An Apple A Day As They Say

Ave Parfum says of this fragrance: “Destruction and renewal, a fragrance of opposites. Spring rain paints a pastoral picture, vivid watercolor of fields of daffodils reaching towards the sky while waterlogged crannies hold daffodils that are near collapse, their bloated stems prematurely decaying in the soggy soil.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this... Continue Reading →

Fzotic Fragrant Portfolio

BAY AREA PERFUME: Tigerlily says of the house: “FZOTIC is a San Francisco based project by artist-perfumer Bruno Fazzolari dedicated to bringing independent vision and artistry to everyday life. Our mission is to create refined and inventive scents, art, and home goods that empower individuals to awaken their senses and live their lives with flair... Continue Reading →

EP 75: Greener Not Meaner

UPROOTED: Fresh bouquet of 'just kissed' deep greenery comes from the house of January Scent Project out of New England. Eiderantler is in its very own lane, containing a harvest of unfamiliar notes that raise an eyebrow, or nostril, as it were. OriginUSARating82%SourceAveParfum.comSoundtrackMovement 4 by Edouard Cheritel (2019)

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