“A contemporary eau in an ”aquatic” theme, Eau Mer is playful and young. An interplay of vetiver and anise suggest the sea and the rest conjure the breeze carrying the scent and sound of everything it touches.” HousePekjiOriginTurkeyFragranceEaumerYear2015NoseÖmer IpekçiConcentrationEDPSeasonTo the left, and to the rightSize/Cost50ml / $165SourceImpossible-Color.comSoundtrackVerbal Herbal by Fonosandwich, 1997Rating88%

The Spectrum of Vetiver

"Jacques Fath liked to wear as trench a Loden jacket, emblematic of this period and usually in dark green color. He also used this particular, warm and strong woolen fabric to create dresses. The perfumer has recreated this contrasted sensation, both bristly and protective by using vetiver, a root with a very intense and solid... Continue Reading →

Soft and Solemn

“A visit to the Church of Saint Lorence in Lucina during the hour of Vespers “provoked” the fantasy of Maria Candida, leading to the creation of Exultat. An evocative and spiritual perfume, which blends trascendence and matter, holy and lay. In Exultat, Violet and Vetiver overlap and merge with Incense of Somalia, but the absolute... Continue Reading →

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