A Layered Trio

“(Audacity) Those of you that wear this be warned. You will become the center of attention, the alpha-male of the room. So wear it with pride.…(Ecstasy) The feeling of joy, sexual tension and happiness transcends into your very own body while wearing this statement-making "here I am" fragrance that will make you the center of... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Tea or…

MAKE MINE BOTTOMLESS.... Wake me up or put me to bed. This month's One Note Wonders is a focus on fragrances that delve into the psyche of our morning rituals somewhat. Here I've collected two handfuls of perfumes that touch on Coffee & Tea. Caffeinated or not, dark and light, herbal and roasted - there... Continue Reading →

Under The Influence

NO IMITATION: “Inspired by Dior Addict. Longer lasting, nostalgic and as close to the discontinued as it gets! Addicted starts the show with an (YES) "Addicting" fresh blast of Mandarin leaf and Orange blossom that seduces the soul. Exotic sandal wood, sweet and exuberant Tonka bean and Bourbon Vanilla that will make you weak to... Continue Reading →

Fuzzy Fresh

“This very fertile region of Southern Italy boasts a special Lemon that can rival the rest of the world. Riches that are now at everyone’s fingertips through Layered. Fresh, bright, incandescent lemon that will give life to even the most boring of fragrances. It is Dr. Frankensteins's secret formula to bring him to life. Experience the... Continue Reading →

Tobacco: Smoky, Soft, Sweet

DRIED, SMOKED, HONEY-DRENCHED. Well, well, well. Take an extended drag while scrolling through with us and this full house of fragrances! As a non-smoker I cannot truly vouch for the pleasures that are sought in the world of tobacco, however I think I’ve searched and found several wide uses and interpretations in the world of... Continue Reading →

A Lil’ Shimmer

“Aphrodite is a mouth-watering journey through levels of fruits and flowers, spices and sweets. Juicy mandarin and soft Water Jasmine kick off the experience, mixed with lush vanilla and a pinch of salt to contrast and accentuate those delicious notes. A bit of sharp and spicy ginger adds depth, while ambergris and sandalwood form a... Continue Reading →

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