A Hendley Quartet

A FOUR-FER: “Hendley Perfumes is an independent, artisan perfume practice founded in 2014. Each batch of perfume is meticulously formulated, blended, bottled, labeled & shipped by Hans Hendley.” HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceCure, Jupiter, Mown, Tobacco CiderYear2017-19 NoseHans HendleyConcentrationEDPSeasonWarm, Warmer, WarmestSize/CostCheck The Site For MoreSourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackFeeling, Smelling, Tasting by Steve Roden, 2014Rating86%, 84%, 90%, 93%


Seasons Change, People Change: “Balsamic Blush. Cordovan Fleece. Gathering Wool. Spices & incense caramelize with smooth woods.” HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceFelt (Reissue – Laboratory Series #1)Year2019 NoseHans HendleyConcentrationEDPSeasonChanging Seasons + MoodsSize/Cost(sold out)SourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackFelt Slippers by Russell Mills and Mike Fearon, 2018Rating92%

Alcoholic Spirits Atomized

PROST! This month's One Note Wonders is a focus on the Boozy side of perfume. Alcoholic spirits are rising and we tried our best to capture something from most categories that found their way to our studio. Some of these may be quite intoxicating, but I assure you, that whether in moderation or full tilt,... Continue Reading →

Balletic Panorama

SUNLIGHT + DOUBLE VISION: “Panoramic Nostalgia. Disappearing Horizon. Velveteen Drift. Narcotic flowers & musky fruits reveal supple leather with smooth woods, altogether like clouds floating into an impressionistic haze.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceBlondYear2018NoseHans HendleyConcentrationEDPAtmosphereHovering In The Floral EtherSeasonSpring/SummerSize/Cost15-100ml / $55-300SourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackNarcotic Dream by Insect Factory, 2018Rating81%

Orange Pops

Sparkling Syrup // Sheer Gourmand // Abstract Pastry HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceColaYear2021 (a now sold out reissue from the 2020 Laboratory Series #1)NoseHans HendleyConcentrationExtrait de ParfumSeason/MoodSave for SummertimeSize/CostSample - 50ml (sold out)SourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackAgent Orange by Depeche Mode, 1987Rating89%

They Delivered On The Promise

ROSE 2.0: “Flower Child. Color of Love. Clinging to a Scheme. Rebellion within a traditional theme. Rose and sandalwood thrown askew by patchouli and incense.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceRosenthalYear2015NoseHans HendleyConcentrationEDPGenderU/FSeasonSpring/SummerSize/Cost1.5ml-100ml / $7-300SourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackGhost Colored by Lovesliescrushing, 2013Rating88%

Temple of Smoky Bliss

THROUGH THE TREES: “Evergreen fueled. Forest floor. Through smoke.Wafts of burnt coniferous woods contrasted with fertile soil & sap-smeared leather.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceFumeYear2015NoseHans HendleyConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonAutumn/WinterSize/Cost1.5ml-100ml / $7-300SourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackforest by Kajsa Lindgren, 2018Rating91%

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