Valhom Collection

“By evoking classic values and feelings, the Valhom Collection is an intense olfactory experience honouring the Greek-Roman Ideal of ‘true Virilitas’. Awake your senses trough Nature and bring 'the magic' in your life. Discover how each parfum unfolds uniquely on your own skin as it is a distinguished creation in high perfume oil concentration. Relax... Continue Reading →

Motif Olfactif Four Ways

“This brand is a natural progression in my fragrance journey.  A journey that started with smelling fragrances at the mall, to exploring niche and indie houses…fragrances made around the world! I found the fragrance community on YouTube and began reviewing fragrances that I found compelling.  My taste tends to lean towards creative and enjoyable scents... Continue Reading →

EP 42: Sublime Spices

This is a walk through one of those incredible spice markets, inspired by travels in India by its very creative noses, Messieurs Miller et Bertaux. This fragrance is A Quiet Morning. It's not too quiet, but it is quieting, as it slow reveals itself, its various spices, its complex gourmand essences, blended with just the... Continue Reading →

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