Heeley x 2

“As a designer influenced by nature, it was natural that James Heeley should be fascinated by the world of scent. It was after meeting Annick Goutal in 1996 that he discovered how scents are ‘designed’. His first scent, ‘Figuier’, is remarkable for it’s precision in evoking the natural scent of a Mediterranean Fig tree. With... Continue Reading →

Mirrors Without Smoke

"Since ancient days, disparate societies separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years have all nevertheless used incense as a centerpiece of their spiritual practices, and it's certainly no mystery why- with its delicate, ethereal nature, incense seems like a crucial connection point between our world and a higher plane of existence where the... Continue Reading →

Under Its Spell

"A highly revered, resinous extract from the forests of Vietnam and Laos, Agarwood has been used for devotion and meditation in Buddhist temples for centuries. 'Agarwoud' combines notes of Bulgarian rose, amber and benzoin to create a surprisingly contemporary, clean and elegant accord in which the unique character of oud is instantly recognisable. Dark, mystical... Continue Reading →

EP 29: Civilized Citrus

A shortlist of notes that somehow becomes an incredible hybrid of its ingredients. Vetiver is presented in a completely new way in this blend by the house of Heeley called Vetiver Veritas. It's a dreamy compound of aromatic woody notes that might be a must for your shelf. I have some words for this fragrance... Continue Reading →

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