A Libertine Quartet

“Rather than creating products that jumped on trends to scrape up as many possible sales he dreamt of creating honest objects that sparked joy and intrigue in those that used them. He dreamt of creating things that people could enjoy and love for what it did for them, not how it made them look to... Continue Reading →

Daytime Trail Mix

“Bright early sunbeams combed by tender needles dress the mossy floor in ordained speckled light. Dewy petals twist and curve to dance in these holy spotlights. Rough hands of conifer slowly caress soft rose curves wrapped in sheets of silky daylight..” HouseLibertine FragranceOriginCanadaFragranceSoft WoodsYear2014NoseJoshua SmithConcentrationEDPSeason/MoodLate Spring to Early AutumnSize/Cost30ml / $110SourceLibertine FragranceSoundtrackJuniper by Braids, 2013Rating85%

Green Thumb Manifest

BACK TO MY ROOTS: “A chorus of chlorophyll sings the songs of a new waking world. Sharp green shoots push from muddy soil. The earth stirs as it shakes off many months of rest. Tendrils reaching and stems stretch, exuberant and promising. In the final act before the toil of summers' heat, blossoms explode, reminding us what life... Continue Reading →

A Perky Brew

I'M COMING OUT: “This limited edition perfume is one half of a dual release of vetiver perfumes. These perfumes are more experimental than I have released with the Libertine line, exploring my materials library without burdening the creative process with concerns budget and style. Both perfumes in this collection use a considerable quantity of high end natural ingredients….” *** Correction:... Continue Reading →

Best of 2020

2020. What can be said about this year? Lots, yes. Despite all the goings-on (good + bad) I managed to put my nose through the paces, and sprayed a heck of a lot of fragrances in the studio. There were a lot of good olfactory sensations in the air that did not make this list,... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Evergreen Elixir

“Have you ever been to the wild unknown? Dense, dark, mysterious. The scent of the primal forest, inhabited by animals in their habitat, where humans are the interlopers. To be unseen, you have to be unsmelled. October 2020 disguises your city scent, mimics the sap you brush against, and softens your aura from being obvious.... Continue Reading →

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