Time Travel Bliss

“Close the blinds and send the kids to bed- Salome, the latest sensation from Papillon Artisan Perfumes, is Sexy with a grown-up, capital "S"-- a swooningly vintage-feeling delight that proves that the golden era of full-bodied perfumery isn't nearly as bygone as the doubters might claim. Built around a strikingly animalic blend of rich, dirty... Continue Reading →

Finish to Start

WAIT FOR IT..: “Dryad is a sylvan fantasy of friendly trees linking their branches together to form a sunlit, green canopy over your head. When Papillon was founded in 2011 it was our aim to create perfumes that are evocative and unique, using only the finest materials within the industry. Papillon compositions are produced using... Continue Reading →

EP 52: An Evolved Rose

Plucked from Papillon Artisan Perfumes the fragrance Tobacco Rose is truly unique in a world of floral fragrances. I'm in love with the dry-down period, however this has a complex life cycle that many, especially rose lovers (and even to those not so keen), will find indulgently pleasing. Though there is no tobacco built-in so... Continue Reading →

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