Making A Splash

"From every trip, I have always brought back an olfactory memory of the places visited. From a trip to the Antilles, I can recall the memory of their olfactory power: on the slopes of the volcanoes grow the roots of Vetiver, with its virile and woody notes. Here the mornings shine with the freshness of... Continue Reading →

Tantric Timber

"A symbol of spirituality and a medium of communication between the land and the divine for many civilizations, sandalwood also has a warm sensuality that's released on skin. In Tantrico, the velvety character of sandalwood is perfectly balanced by the aromatic notes of sage, juniper and cypress. Tantrico stays close to the skin but has impressive longevity." Click Play,... Continue Reading →

EP 33: Whispering Woods

Something new, and not blue! Its colors may shapeshift, but Le Vetiver from Lubin understands its signature variation on green, its subtlety is sublime. It's like opening a brand-new hardcover, and with each page the story has a progression where you are led towards the desire to continue turning to the next chapter as the... Continue Reading →

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