Tom Ford – A Duo In The Woods

“Costa Azzurra Acqua is a fresher expression of Costa Azzurra. It merges cool air and refreshing waters as one.”… “Impulsive, debonair, extravagant. Fougere Platine inhabits the exhibitionist and his most brilliant, mischievous, indulgent, and infinitely exhilarating. Opulent doses of refreshing woods magnetize you like the shining gleam of platinum, or a devilish grin replaying the... Continue Reading →


“A contemporary eau in an ”aquatic” theme, Eau Mer is playful and young. An interplay of vetiver and anise suggest the sea and the rest conjure the breeze carrying the scent and sound of everything it touches.” HousePekjiOriginTurkeyFragranceEaumerYear2015NoseÖmer IpekçiConcentrationEDPSeasonTo the left, and to the rightSize/Cost50ml / $165SourceImpossible-Color.comSoundtrackVerbal Herbal by Fonosandwich, 1997Rating88%

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