Herbal Tenderness

“Conveying the delicate line between understated yet having individuality, the fragrance envelopes the wearer with its complex and distinctive character, defined by a juxtaposition between dark green notes and smoky, velvety, woody scent accords, both fresh and warm in equal measure…” Special thanks to Smallflower. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseFlorisOriginUKFragranceVert... Continue Reading →

EP 3: Yin/Yang

In this episode I cover two very different fragrances, one hailing from Cologne, Germany and the other coming out of Paris, France. These strangely come off like two kindred variations on one's seasonal temperament with very unique personalities. Somehow they are quite singular though to my nose there are parallels that I am trying to... Continue Reading →

EP 2: Fan The Flame

Black Vines comes from Kerosene fragrances. Sweet, but not too sticky or syrupy. I attempt to distill the layers of complexity in our first-ever fragrance review. It's somehow as familiar as it is mysterious. If you like the flavor and essence of birch beer and similar woody vine spirits you will dive in deep. Outsiders... Continue Reading →

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