In Full Bloom with Smallflower feat. Diptyque

Returning are our friends from Apothecary (Dana and Grace Ann) to help us with this second in a three-month long miniseries focused on one house monthly. This time around our exploration into the Paris-based house Diptyque for the very first time. Founded in 1961 Diptyque has been described as “a pioneering parfumerie Maison, a... Continue Reading →

Blue Velvet, Deux

BLUE ON BLUE: "The scent is aquatic-fresh…Perfume.Sucks is a niche brand from Switzerland founded in 2017. "We don’t make perfumes, perfumes suck! We create scents: sprayable alcoholic solutions made from raw materials that smell great when combined. We don’t believe in fancy packaging or deceiving marketing. Instead, we write the ingredients right on the bottle... Continue Reading →

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