Splendored Vintage

BOTTOMS UP: “Our Crush Collection is inspired by the world of natural wine and the purity of a vineyard's terroir. Terroir is the true scent of the vineyard. Like a natural wine, these perfumes are un-fined and unfiltered. Cloudiness and raw wine-like sediment may occur in the bottle. This is natural and does not affect the... Continue Reading →

Wonderous Witchy Ways

“Häxan is an ode to the ancient practices of sorcery, magic, alchemy and witchcraft. It is inspiredby Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 seminal film on this subject. The perfume uses over 100 ingredients that are traditionally represented in potions and elixirs associated with these practices. Häxan is a dark witchy fougere style perfume which incorporates dark woody... Continue Reading →

EP 94: Uprooted, Uplifting

JUST LIKE HONEY: This has had it's time to warm nicely, and the more it blends with my cellular structure, the more supple a honey essence becomes and rises. This fact was not instantly apparent at the top, or even at the heart, but now with my skin's warmth it's arrived after post-production when I... Continue Reading →

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