Nude Illusion

“This iconic fragrance from the collection beholds an identity like no other in contemporary perfumery. Perfumer Olivier Pescheux describes it as “the closest one yet to the Palm Tree Note. It finds its inspiration in the gusts of wind blowing through the palm grove. With its roots in the heart of the oases where travellers... Continue Reading →

Holiday Cordials

Holy Holidays, Kris Kringle: “Inspired by Carlo Maratta’s painting‚ The Holy Night’. It’s time for the 3 Holy SP Scents – Cassis, Nardus, and Palo Santo are back for a limited time, also the 3 x 7.5 ml box. They will be discontinued after Christmas 2020!”…” THIS JUST IN: SP Parfums will unfortunately be concluding... Continue Reading →

Musky Spice

VINES + ALL: “UDV Wild opens on an explosion of freshness, where the fruity notes of a fusing bergamot and a crunchy apple merge at a green and spicy cinnamon leaf. At the heart, the strength of rosemary meets the golden light of a radiant and mysterious duo of labdanum and elemi. Finally, the sweetness... Continue Reading →

Before The Dawn

THE PEARLY GATES OF HYBRIDS: "Metal Rain is a fresh, woody fragrance with aromatic notes. The overall scent is clean, aromatic, and watery." Special Thanks to So Avant Garde. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseBanana RepublicOriginUSAFragranceMetal Rain - Icon CollectionYear2020NoseunknownConcentrationEDPGenderM/USeasonSpring/AutumnSize/Cost75ml/$85Source/LinkSo Avant GardeSoundtrackIn Isolation by Tsone, 2019Rating79%

The Monsillage EDT Collection

“Similar to a movie scenario that sets the tone by recreating a particular atmosphere and giving insight into the characters’ personas, the real-life stories behind each of the Monsillage perfumes are a way to create a bond with the perfumes and enhance the perfume experience. The perfumer finds inspiration in past travels, one-of-a-kind experiences, personal... Continue Reading →

Teo Cabanel Discovery Set 

“The best way to discover our range of rare fragrances. Take the time to wear each fragrance, discover all its facets beyond the notes of heads that are the most volatile. Over the course of the hours, the trail of your future fragrance will be revealed on your skin and you will then be able... Continue Reading →

L’Aventura Discovery Collection

“L’Aventura is a collection of uncommon, non-binary fragrances. We build soulful, articulate scents that challenge the expected and transcend persona, gender, time and place. Our perfumes are designed to allow space for you to inhabit – every person will enhance and transform the fragrance through their own unique chemistry into something entirely individual.” Click Play,... Continue Reading →

Fragrance du Bois Perfumers Discovery Collection

ILLUSTRIOUS TEN-SPOT: "Luxury Perfume is redefined “Born in Nature, Crafted in France” a unique sustainable brand story of vision, passion and creative integrity. True vision takes time and over the years our collections have grown and evolved exclusively collaborating with the worlds leading perfumers, crafting the rarest, finest, most exclusive and sustainably sourced pure perfume... Continue Reading →

A Second Summer

"An addictive, dark fragrance with woody notes and a subtle hint of sweetness. It evokes the smell of warm skin and resinous wood...." Click play to learn more about how this made me feel. HouseLe LaboOriginFranceFragranceTonka 25Year2018NoseDaphné BugeyConcentrationEDPGenderUnisexSeasonAutumnSize/Cost50ml $192, 100ml $280SourceLuckyscent.comSoundtrackX Marks The Spot by Modelbau (2018)Rating88%

EP 58: Soft Sophistication

If you didn't realize how much could fit into one bottle, turn your nose here. Initio Parfums (Prives line) delivered this astonishing olfactory revelation a few years back, called Oud for Greatness, I enjoy the nod to confidence here. Lucky scent says: "With Oud For Greatness, Initio taps into that hidden source of power, delivering... Continue Reading →

EP 13: Garden of Delight

A floral arrangement by spotlight. Inspired by notable actress Tilda Swinton, Like This from Etat Libre d'Orange is my first foray into this expanding house of fine sprayable essences. Where will the petals fall on this one? It's not quite what you may think from all appearances, and is that a good thing? Just click... Continue Reading →

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