Back In The Garden

EASY BREEZY: “Hot summer days in a delicate, well tended garden with the air subtly hinting citrus and floral notes. My grandmother grew a beautiful garden at the home where my mom grew up, and where I was fortunate enough to spend my summers. She would water every morning and nurture an endless variety of... Continue Reading →

Rattled By Rose

“A 2018 edition that took over a year to complete. Manos previous Rose edition was regarded as one of the top 5 rose fragrances in the world. So this was a double challenge, as Manos wanted this fragrance to bring Joy and Euphoria. He chose the Damask Rose and combined it with labdanum to create... Continue Reading →

Vivacious + Arboraceous

CHANGELING: “Nostalgic to a moment in the woods during my childhood. The Grange Estate was first established in 1682, collecting 300 years of history before my friends and I played in Cobbs Creek. We were preadolescents, not caring that William Penn, George Washington, and Marquis de Lafayette walked the same grounds. The same trees may have listened to... Continue Reading →

Bold Bouquet

“Pivoine is a 2017 edition to the Parfums de Jour collection. It is a rich bouquet of flowers with peonies in a leading role that invites us for a romantic walk in a blossomed garden. Manos describes this fragrance as The Lovers.” Special thanks to Perfumology. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseManos GerakinisOriginGreeceFragrancePivoineYear2017NoseManos... Continue Reading →

In The Thick Of It And Back Again

“Exhilaration and gratification make up the perfect drive. Leather seats, a heavy foot, the exhaust, a wake of fallen leaves, cool air and hot tires. A perfume that represents the gratifying sensation of a connecting to the road. That’s Clutch.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfumologyOriginUSAFragranceClutchYear2018NoseJustin Frederico w/Nir GuyConcentrationParfumGenderM/USeasonSpring + FallSize/Cost2.5ml/$8, 50ml/$95SoundtrackAs... Continue Reading →

Sandalwood, So Softly

“Sandalwood Sacré is an aerial and spiritual Eau de Parfum. Milky sandal and patchouli will transport you to the heart of Indian rituals where incense sticks burn precious woods. This fragrance will lead you to meet Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Jardin Retrouvé, who has worked extensively in India to discover the fragrant plants of this... Continue Reading →

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