Sneak Peek / Next Week This is a sneak peek at the week ahead at Notetaking. We will have reviews of twelve international houses, all with something to say. And stay tuned for our new series 20 Questions (March 15) as well as our continuing series One Note Wonders where our featured note in March is Tobacco!

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Due to popular demand. We are now on Instagram ( This will be our primary social media, for all those who would like to become more active with us via mobile, etc. Please do say hello, follow, what have you. You are welcome anytime, day or night. 🙂

EP 7: Rounding Up 5, 6, 7….

Eight & Bob (since 1937) "is a luxury fragrance house whose exclusive scents have been passed down for generations dating back to the 20th century." As they say. In this episode I opened up the Discovery Set, spraying from six 2ml vials, each with its own defined personality. One was my favorite for true uniqueness,... Continue Reading →

EP 6: Unearthing The Essence

Here we have a fragrance of mystery, one for the ages in fact. From England it's Centauri's Dendera (the nose: Peter Carter). You just might find yourself in an old chapel in a desolate town. It's oh so quiet here, with a smoky resonance. Remember to look everywhere -- not only ahead, behind and inwardly,... Continue Reading →

EP 5: Symantic Can Be Romantic

When you consider who the most modern poets of Berlin might be, perhaps the name David Bowie may arise. And this is part of the premise of this fragrance launched in 2018, the other, well you'll have to listen to this latest installment to find out more. I will say this has a very outgoing-style... Continue Reading →

EP 4: Unmasked

Noir - Anthracite comes from the house of Texas-born Tom Ford (worldwide). This is my first go at any fragrance from this particular designer brand, but likely one of his most elusive and 'particular' scents. As someone only catching up in the now I unfortunately missed his very lauded work with Gucci way back when... Continue Reading →

EP 3: Yin/Yang

In this episode I cover two very different fragrances, one hailing from Cologne, Germany and the other coming out of Paris, France. These strangely come off like two kindred variations on one's seasonal temperament with very unique personalities. Somehow they are quite singular though to my nose there are parallels that I am trying to... Continue Reading →

EP 2: Fan The Flame

Black Vines comes from Kerosene fragrances. Sweet, but not too sticky or syrupy. I attempt to distill the layers of complexity in our first-ever fragrance review. It's somehow as familiar as it is mysterious. If you like the flavor and essence of birch beer and similar woody vine spirits you will dive in deep. Outsiders... Continue Reading →

EP 1: Perfuming The Past

Welcome to Notetaking - an audiozine about the olfactory world. After several decades, this is a re-introduction to an ever-growing fragrance universe (niche, natural, designer). In this very 1st edition of the 'zine I hope to have layed out what will become a parfumed journey inside this world of chemoreception. My origins with fragrances dates... Continue Reading →

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