Tom Ford – A Duo In The Woods

“Costa Azzurra Acqua is a fresher expression of Costa Azzurra. It merges cool air and refreshing waters as one.”… “Impulsive, debonair, extravagant. Fougere Platine inhabits the exhibitionist and his most brilliant, mischievous, indulgent, and infinitely exhilarating. Opulent doses of refreshing woods magnetize you like the shining gleam of platinum, or a devilish grin replaying the... Continue Reading →

Three Sides of Floris

“Quietly and meticulously composing a symphony, a perfect balance between art and science. Our elegance is borne from experience not artifice. Made in Britain, using the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world. Discover the skill and artistry that goes into the creation of a Floris fragrance. It's a skill that has been passed down for 9... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Elemental

“Burst of colors begin to dance and swirl. A kaleidoscope effect rich in pattern. Until a veil of smoke and spice subtly creeps in attempting to darken the dancing colors. The colors carve out space amid the darkness allowing vibrant beams of light to splinter all around…” HouseMotif OlfactifOriginUSAFragranceVoile D’encensYear2019NoseOswald PareConcentrationExtrait de Parfum (28%)SeasonLate Summer... Continue Reading →

Mirrors Without Smoke

"Since ancient days, disparate societies separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years have all nevertheless used incense as a centerpiece of their spiritual practices, and it's certainly no mystery why- with its delicate, ethereal nature, incense seems like a crucial connection point between our world and a higher plane of existence where the... Continue Reading →

Ceremony of Subtleties

"Withering under a full moon passion as your darkest side emerges. Limbs sinuous and contorted by dark obsessions within the smokey and decadent opium den of old Chinatown.  Banishing the days negativity with Rituals of comfort." HouseFløreOriginCanadaFragranceRitualYear2016NoseStacey MooreConcentrationNatural Perfume OilSeasonLate Winter/Spring ThawSize/Cost10ml / $48Source/LinkFlore Botanical AlchemySoundtrackWith A Full Moon by Quest, 2019Rating78%

Top Shelf Shaman

“I crafted notes of blonde oud, ginger, sandalwood, juniper berries and a trace of olibanum to age in a bourbon seasoned oak barrel which imparted a warmer and smokier dimension to the top… A mysteriously alluring and easy to wear smokey spiced oud for women and men aged 47 days in a bourbon seasoned American Oak barrel.” And,... Continue Reading →

Go The Distance

PURPLE PLUME: "A study around real Ambergris Tincture, Swiss stone Pine, Maceal, Mimosa, Olibanum, Ginger and Hedione HC." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragrancePurpleYear2018NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPGenderUSeason/MoodSpring through Early FallSize/Cost52ml/$79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackMysterious Crystal by Sun Ra, 1972Rating81%

Aromatic Utopia

“This Olibanum-based perfume is a clean veil like the morning atmosphere after the nightly religious processions in the city of Granada, LaAurora is a fragrance of subtle sophistication belonging to the Oriental Amber family, and is dedicated to the Virgin of La Aurora, Queen and Mother of the Albaycín/Granada.” Click Play. HouseRicardo Ramos Perfumes de... Continue Reading →

Exotic Luxury

THE NEW-NEW BLACK: "The second launch for 2019 is an oriental study around Patchouly leaves and Pink Pepper. Spicy and woody refined with real narde from the Himalaya, black wild collected Olibanum from Jemen and deep Oud from Vietnam. Black C reflects Andreas years working in Dubai for different fragrance Houses and was originally created... Continue Reading →

Zoning In

“Life in rhythm, connected and attuned to the precision of Greenwich Mean Time, Awaken (08:00 GMT) is an energizing fragrance that is refreshing, revitalizing and stimulating.…Unwind (20:00 GMT) is a warm and sensually casual fragrance that helps recalibrate and reset the mind.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseTumiOriginFranceFragranceAwaken + UnwindYear2020NoseunknownConcentrationEDPGenderM (also... Continue Reading →

Sampling A Trio by Electimuss

“Inspired by legends of love, power and glamour of Rome, Electimuss is a London based artisan brand creating daring and decadent perfumes. Bewitched by scent, the Romans collected exotic ingredients from across their empire and the Silk Road, refining the art of perfumery.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseElectimussOriginUKFragranceImperium, Puritas, VixereYear2020NoseunknownConcentrationEDPGendervariesSeasonvariesSize/Cost100ml/$225-$390Source/LinkElectimussSoundtrackPopoloco... Continue Reading →

Fragrance du Bois Perfumers Discovery Collection

ILLUSTRIOUS TEN-SPOT: "Luxury Perfume is redefined “Born in Nature, Crafted in France” a unique sustainable brand story of vision, passion and creative integrity. True vision takes time and over the years our collections have grown and evolved exclusively collaborating with the worlds leading perfumers, crafting the rarest, finest, most exclusive and sustainably sourced pure perfume... Continue Reading →

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