Taking Temperatures

“Unutamam was bound to defy easy categorization as the first entry in NISHANE's bold new "Experimental Collection". But that turns out to be the point: Unutamam, intentionally straddles the line between lush seduction and animalic ferocity, leaving it to the wearer to decide which mood to allow the scent to embody. Unutamam, from first spray,... Continue Reading →

Wonderous Witchy Ways

“Häxan is an ode to the ancient practices of sorcery, magic, alchemy and witchcraft. It is inspiredby Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 seminal film on this subject. The perfume uses over 100 ingredients that are traditionally represented in potions and elixirs associated with these practices. Häxan is a dark witchy fougere style perfume which incorporates dark woody... Continue Reading →

EP 90: Town n’ Country

HIGHWAY V. ROAD LESS TRAVELED: This was my very first noseful of the essences of the house of The Vagabond Prince. Luckyscent said about Land of Warriors: "...a unique vertical blend of leather accords that emerge across every stage of the fragrance, paying tribute to multiple facets of this versatile, powerful material.." Do I agree?....... Continue Reading →

EP 65: The Fire Within

Can a fragrance make you weak in the knees? Can it then give you a huge boost of sensory energy? Woody and spicy, and just plain _________. You can listen to my thoughts, simply press play, to fill in the blank. I'll give you a hint, this just might have been the best all month.... Continue Reading →

EP 60: Into The Ether

Though it's been fourteen long years since this fragrance originally surfaced, it's one of those that I guess slipped through the cracks for many. In fact the house of Exte, an Italian fashion designer house, only produced very few perfumes, and J'S Extè Man was the only for men that I am aware of. And... Continue Reading →

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